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Seattle Seahawks Rapid-Fire Predictions for 2015 NFL Draft

NFL fans won’t forget the Seattle Seahawks‘ heartbreaking loss in Super Bowl XLIX, and now they will look to the 2015 NFL draft to reload their roster.

Does Seattle need to address its secondary? What other positions can the defending NFC champions target?

Watch as Stephen Nelson and Bleacher Report NFL Analyst Chris Simms discuss the Seahawks’ offseason in the video above. 

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The Seahawks Destroyed Richard Sherman in Marco Polo While Vacationing in Hawaii

The Seattle Seahawks are dirty gamesmen, and I’d like to direct you to definitive proof that the Legion of Boom is an underhanded and scurrilous collection of characters.

While Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos would play Marco Polo the right way, here we have the Seahawks defense employing all manner of bamboozlement and trickeration to ensure Richard Sherman remains “it” forever.

Sherman posted an Instagram video Sunday of he and some Seahawks teammates “bonding” while on vacation in Hawaii. Joined by Kam Chancellor, Bruce Irvin, Bobby Wagner and others, the cornerback decided to play some water tag. He never had a chance:

Yelling repeatedly en masse isn’t against the rules, but it certainly isn’t in line with the spirit of the game. Convention states you wait for the “Marco” before giving the “Polo.” The Seahawks are just blasting Sherman from all sides. He’s probably still in that pool, wandering around and skimming the edges.

For what it’s worth, however, everyone appears to be having a lovely time.

Nothing jells a unit of hard-hitting ball hawks like splashing and pool tag.


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