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DeSean Jackson rips Eagles in new reality TV show

Washington Redskins wide receiver DeSean Jackson is not a fan of his former team, and you can understand why. The premiere of Jackson’s new reality TV show “Home Team” aired on BET Tuesday night, and the Pro Bowl wide receiver had plenty to say about the Philadelphia Eagles. It began with the opening monologue. “I…Read More

Being a Dallas Cowboys fan could cost Chris Christie votes

Earlier this week New Jersey governor Chris Christie declared that he is running for President in 2016. Even though he lives and works in the Giants’ backyard, Christie is a well-known and vocal Dallas Cowboys fan.
He was seen celebrating with Jerry Jones during several games last season:

Forget #bridgegate the real reason to oppose Chris Christie is his alliance w/Jerry Jones and Cowboys #NeverForget
— Nathan Leamer (@nathan_leamer) June 29, 2015

While the Cowboys might be America’s team, not everybody loves them, and that could cost Christie some votes…
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According to a story by Bryan Altman of CBS Sports, Christie is basically unelectable in at least six states because of his Cowboys fandom.

Nick Foles ready to lead dynamic Rams offense

The St. Louis Rams have been slowly rebuilding their team over the last couple of seasons, and they are very happy with where they are at heading into the 2015 season. They were able to add two very important pieces to their offense this offseason, and to say that the Rams have a chance to be dynamic would be an understatement.
Nick Foles was acquired by the Rams this past offseason from the Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for Sam Bradford. It was a move that excited the Rams’ fan base, and rightfully so. While Foles may never be a top-10 NFL quarterback, he is more than capable of leading an offense and being the type of quarterback that can help St. Louis reach the dynamic potential that their offense has.
Last season was a bit rough for Foles, as he threw for 2,163 yards, 13 touchdowns and 10 interceptions. It wasn’t the year that Eagles fans were hoping for after his stellar play during his first season as the Eagles’ full-time starter in 2013. During the 2013 season, Foles …

Jackson: Eagles ‘tried to blow me up’ and ‘that’s cold how they did it’

Former Phildelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson said the team ‘tried to blow me up’ using a ‘smear campaign’ after the pass catcher was cut by the team in 2014.

“When I was released by the Eagles, I feel they tried to paint a picture that definitely wasn’t true. It was a slap in the face, coming off one of my best seasons in the NFL,” Jackson said, via ESPN.

Jackson made the comments on his new BET reality show “DeSean Jackson Home Team.”

“The Eagles tried to blow me up. That’s cold how they did it.” Jackson added.

The Eagles released Jackson in 2014 due to insubordination resulting in a confrontation in front of the entire team with coach Chip Kelly.

“End of the day, I play football at a high level so I don’t care too less anything about nothing. Go look up the No. 1 receiver in the NFL. I’m the No. 1 receiver. So I’m not getting caught up. I know what I can do.”


Eagles Trending in Right Direction to be a Super Bowl Team

Are the Eagles good enough to be legitimate Super Bowl contenders?  Regardless of revamping the team and lots of roster turnover, the goal for every NFL team is to win the Super Bowl.
Some teams are more equipped than others, but that doesn’t stop anyone from doing their best and trying to win it all.  If not, why even bother playing?
The Eagles have made a lot of changes this offseason and most people don’t seriously expect them to be contenders in 2015.  Playoffs maybe, but they’re not quite ready to compete with the likes of Seattle, Green Bay, New England and Denver yet, right?
Well, they may not be as far off as you might think.
During the past two offseasons, I’ve written an article gauging how well the Eagles meet ESPN’s Super Bowl Formula criteria.  It was written in October of 2012 and does list some good characteristics of past Super Bowl championship teams.
Per the formula, these teams possess most (or all) of these 10 traits (paraphrased by me based on how the author de…

Looking ahead, looking back, looking all around at Eagles in flux…

Eagles phans have had a lot of information to assimilate about the 2015 edition of the team so far. As usual the Livefyre commentary ranges from “Oh yeah!” to “Oh No!” with regard to the personnel moves and acquisitions.
I thought I’d single out of a few of the comments here made over the past two days.
First up is Mr. Beans from The Land Down Under:
“So… theory goes… and I am guessing as much as ANY pro-sports writer in the states of Merica… We like [Malcolm] Jenkins. We like Seattle’s simplicity. BUT we want two interchangeable Safeties. IE- two ‘Jenkins’… [another] guy who can play man and deep zone coverage.
“I read a good article the other day by Sheil K… simplifying Chip’s approach on O and relating it all the way back to Lombardi.
“Makes sense that the same approach and values are held with the D, and all my crapping on about Seattle is really just about that. They run simple **** repetitively and it run it REALLY well.
“Sidenote to that – A coach like Belichic

Philadelphia Eagles: if Bradford is not ready

Come time for the 2015 NFL regular season the Philadelphia Eagles expect Sam Bradford to be their starting quarterback. Though Bradford has an elite arm, coveted accuracy, and the ability to make the right choice, when one considers the realistic expectations it’s hard to expect the Oklahoma alumni to overcome two major knee injuries. The best comparison of another starting quarterback to overcome a major knee surgery and have success is Carson Palmer. Although he found tremendous success, he tore his ACL again while facing the St. Louis Rams on November 9th of the 2014 season.
Sanchez, in action, last season
Last season Palmer led the Arizona Cardinals to the best record in the NFL before finding his season ending prematurely because of another severe injury. Previous to that, Palmer had major knee surgery after as a Cincinnati Bengal. He recovered from the injury, but wasn’t able to lead the Bengals to the playoffs again, which was where the injury occurred against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That being

Who Will Win the Philadelphia Eagles’ Quarterback Roulette?

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford (7) throws a pass as Tim Tebow looks on during NFL football minicamp, Wednesday, June 17, 2015, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
There are two ways to look at the way Chip Kelly has spent his time in Philadelphia so far. He either looks like an evil football mastermind, attempting to take over the league with his Oregon Duck-esque antics, or he seems like an idiot that completely changed a successful Eagles team.
The offensive backfield has suffered the most notable alterations this offseason. The trade of Lesean McCoy to the Buffalo Bills for Kiko Alonso sent away a fan favorite that had no business being traded.
Kelly solved that issue by bringing in Demarco Murray from the Dallas Cowboys, who may even be a better running back than McCoy.
While the running back problem has found a clear solution, the quarterback position has not. Nick Foles won the hearts of Philadelphia during the 2013 season when he put up some absurd numbers …

Photo of Eagles NT Beau Allen proves the Cowboys are not America’s team

A lot of people like to call the Dallas Cowboys America’s team. You can imagine what Philadelphia Eagles fans think of that.
Today we finally have photographic proof that the Cowboys cannot possibly represent America.
Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to Eagles nose tackle Beau Allen, who is in full fourth of July mode already:

white girls on the fourth
— Grace Allen (@gurcie) June 30, 2015

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Philadelphia Eagles Are Least Traveled Team in 2015 NFL Season

The Philadelphia Eagles have some hurdles to climb to get back into the NFC playoff picture. After a huge upheaval of the roster that saw the departures of starting quarterback Nick Foles, starting running back LeSean McCoy and others, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly has to get a new group on the same page in a short amount of time.
One factor of their season that has already gone their way is their travel schedule. In an article published on, the Eagles are the least-traveled team during the 2015 NFL season. The Eagles will travel an estimated 6,818 miles, which, when in comparison with San Francisco’s NFL-leading 27,998 miles, isn’t much distance at all.
With that in mind, below are the most expensive Eagles tickets on the secondary market for their road games according to, in conjunction with travel options provided by
12/6/2015 | New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Gillette Stadium | Average Price: $369.96 | Get-in Price: $148
The Eag…

Three ways Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is changing the NFL game

He might be a mad man, but there’s no questioning who is in charge for the Philadelphia Eagles: it’s head coach Chip Kelly.
In just two short years Kelly has radically re-made the team in his own image, innovating in a number of ways both on and off the football field. Along the way, Kelly has also shaken up the NFL landscape more than any other person.
Here are three key ways that Kelly is changing the way that pro football is played…
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1. Faster, faster, faster

Eagles Wake-Up Call: Officials, Not Kelly, Adjust To Pace
— iLovePhila (@iLovePhila) July 22, 2014

By now you have probably heard about how fast Chip likes to run his practices.
The Eagles and their staff run through their drills at break-neck speed in or

The Eagles and the Giants are in mid-season form when it comes to trash talking

The mud-slinging between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants is going full force. You might think that they were getting ready for a big Monday Night Football matchup, but that won’t happen until the middle of October.
Yesterday we brought you a story about Giants punter Steve Weatherford mocking Tim Tebow and Sam Bradford. Jason Kelce later fired back on Twitter, then Weatherford responded.
Now everyone is getting in on the act. Safety Malcolm Jenkins retweeted this photoshop job last night:
via reddit
Power Rankings: Fan bases most deserving of a Super Bowl 50 win
Top 10: The NFL’s best defensive tackles
All-AFC Team 2015: Can anyone knock off the Patriots?
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Then Walter Thurmond was interviewed by Bleacher Report and when he was asked to compare his old coaches he had some interesting things to say about Giants head coach Tom Coughlin:
“He doesn’t believe in the sport-science aspect like Coach Carroll or Coa

Eagles add guard John Moffit, dump Manhart

As expected, the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to terms with free agent center John Moffit on Monday, per
Moffit played two years in Seattle (selected in the 3rd round in 2011) before being traded to Denver in 2013, the same year he retired. Early retirement proved to be somewhat of challenge apparently – he was arrested on assault and drug charges in 2014, but both charges were eventually dropped.
To make room for Moffit, the Eagles parted ways with undrafted rookie free agent Cole Manhart. 
H/T CBS Sports


Steve Weatherford, Jason Kelce get into Twitter beef

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford said some things last week about the Philadelphia Eagles’ quarterback situation that irritated a number of people. One of them was Eagles center Jason Kelce, and he let Weatherford know on Monday. During an appearance on WFAN’s “Boomer and Carton Show,” Weatherford compared Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Tim…Read More

Eagles head coach Kelly: “We needed to rebuild the secondary”…

I guess we did have to rebuild the defensive secondary, although truth be told I was pretty darn content with Cary Williams at one corner.
Quite frankly, the corners took a lot of heat over the past season because rotational help from the safety (I won’t name nates, I mean, names) was often late to the party.
Three of the Eagles’ first four draft picks were used on the secondary. Head coach Chip Kelly said that the team needed to start doing a better job of developing that position. Okay—
Kinda begs the question, though— if three years into it and you’re trying to win it all, why are you just now realizing you need to develop the talent and depth of your defensive secondary?
Dave Spadaro over at is optimistic:
“The secondary, particularly at cornerback, looks much improved. Byron Maxwell plays with a confidence that is contagious. JaCorey Shepherd looked like he was growing into the secondary quickly. Eric Rowe is pushing and improving every day. Nolan Carroll looks like a t…