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Giants Punter Steve Weatherford Is Jacked, Shows Off Shake Weight Pose

Giants’ punter Steve Weatherford recently did a photoshoot for Muscle and Fitness Magazine. One outake includes this Shake Weight photo.

Rewind: New York Giants debatable Power Rankings spot, Manziel’s hot GF, more

We’re more than a third of the way into the NFL season and we’re getting an idea of who the contenders are and who the pretenders are. Below you’ll find the best cover32 columns from the past week to catch you up on anything you may have missed. Enjoy Week 8!

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• Power Rankings: How all 32 teams in the NFL stack up after Week 7 (READ)
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• Fab Five: The best games on the NFL slate in Week 8 (READ)
• The 10 crappiest Super Bowl champions ever (READ)
• Five bold predictions for Week 8 in the NFL (READ)
• Johnny Manziel’s new GF has an absolutely incredible Instagram (READ)
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New York Giants fans must see these five bold predictions for Week 8

Anyone can pick games. Whether selecting winners or making guesses against the spread, it’s essentially an exercise in flipping a coin.
But providing some specifics about what’s going to happen in a game, detailing how things are going to play out, takes some thought, imagination and guts. And it actually provides some insight into what’s going to transpire on Sunday and Monday.
So with that thought in mind, here are five bold predictions for Week 8 in the NFL:
5. Mike Smith gets fired
Frustration is boiling over in Atlanta
The last time a team travelled to London and played poorly, their head coach was fired on the plane ride back across the bond. If the Falcons lose to the Lions in the latest edition of pro football in England, Smith could very well suffer the exact same fate as Dennis Allen. That would drop Atlanta to an extremely disappointing 2-6, on the heels of a total debacle last season. At some point, the ax falls on the head coach when losses start to pile up.

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New York Giants fans will enjoy Johnny Manziel’s hot new girlfriend on Instagram

If Brian Hoyer struggles again this weekend you can bet we’re on the verge of seeing Johnny Manziel. Hoyer was awful last week in Jacksonville, and should he pull something similar against Oakland this weekend Johnny Cleveland will get his shot.
Off the field Manziel’s antics are legendary. From partying with Gronk, to partying in Mexico, to partying in Vegas to pulling some strange tail Johnny Football is doing quite well for himself.
But, apparently Manziel might be settling down. Rumors have surfaced in recent months he’s dating TCU student Colleen Crowley…And she’s pretty darn good looking. She’s also got quite the following on Instagram, and for good reason. Here are her top-10 posts of all time (or so far).
No. 10

No. 9

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Report: Some Giants Players Think Eli Manning Acts Too White

According to several media reports, there are some players within the New York Giants locker room who believe quarterback Eli Manning acts way too white. 
“He’s just super white,” said one Giants offensive player. “I mean, I’m white, too. But not that white, you know? He’s just painfully white. It’s over-the-top white. It’s, like … okay, Eli. We get it. You’re white. You don’t have to be so in our face about it.”
Numerous teammates pointed to Manning’s style of dress, mannerisms, music likes and pop culture references as “extremely white.”
“I get he’s white. I get that, I do,” said a Giants defensive player. “And I’m fine with it, of course. But the guy grew up in New Orleans. That’s such a culturally rich city. Yet he’s somehow the whitest person ever. I don’t understand it.”
Giants receiver Victor Cruz supported his quarterback, however.
“I think it’s a little bit racist to say Eli is too white,” said Cruz. “Wearing khakis all the time and loving

NFL head coach power rankings: Did Tom Coughlin make the top ten?

In today’s NFL the head coach is in a hard position. When his team wins, his players get all the credit. When his team loses, he gets all of the blame. If the season falls apart, a head coach often loses his job even if it’s not his fault.
That being said, there are still some head coaches out there who are so valuable to their teams that their jobs are totally secure.
These ten coaches represent the best of the best in the NFL. Either by winning championships or building contending programs, these guys have a strong foundation and should be successful or a long time to come.
Who is at the top of the list? You’ll just have to click through to find out. Here they are: the top ten most powerful head coaches in the NFL:
10. Jim Harbaugh – San Francisco 49ers (4-3)
Yes we’ve all heard the rumors. Harbaugh is such a boorish clown that the 49ers front office almost traded him to the Cleveland Browns. It doesn’t matter, because Harbaugh has taken his team to three consecutive conference championship game

New York Giants avoid the Week 8 hot seat, big time Super Bowl contender doesn’t

It doesn’t take long for the pressure to mount in the NFL. Just seven weeks into the 2014 season, plenty of people find themselves under the microscope, trying to answer questions about their most-recent performance.
Who is in that spot? Here are five on the hot seat this weekend:
5. Jay Cutler
Cutler can’t lay another egg this week
A week after getting called out by teammate Brandon Marshall, the pressure is on the Bears quarterback. He’s been extremely careless with the football in Chicago’s losses, something he can’t afford to do on the road this week at New England. A loss would drop Cutler and Company to 3-5, burying them in the standings, so it’s imperative that Good Jay shows up this week against the Patriots and not Bad Jay.
Heat Index: 3 – Without Josh McCown backing him up, there isn’t a “threat” to Cutler’s job on the roster; but his credibility as a franchise QB is in jeopardy

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“Finding Giants “Recap: How the Series’ Stars Have Fared in their Rookie Seasons

The New York Giants were featured in an insightful series that focused on what it’s like to be an NFL scout, how the scouting process works, and what the end result is for a team that works all year long in evaluating talent.
Now that the series is complete and most of the thoughts (although much is still kept behind closed doors) are now public on the team’s draft picks, I thought it’d be a nice follow-up by looking at just how those rookies are doing in just under half of their rookie seasons in the NFL. 
Odell Beckham, Receiver
Injuries plagued his development the first few weeks of the season, but the last two weeks have shown the reasons why the Giants were so excited to take him. Their offensive line has been hurting, and they made it clear that they were targeting two linemen (like Jake Matthews or Zach Martin, based on what I had heard pre-snap), but Beckham was the top player on their board.
After having success in beating the Eagles defensive backs on Sunday night football…

What we’ve learned from New York Giants through seven games

The New York Giants are around where many of us expected them to be: Middle of the pack. Not a great team, not a mess of a team. They’re 3-4 with some ugly losses, pretty wins and solid all-around efforts. They sit three games out of first in the NFC East. They’re now on bye week. With that in mind, here are some key takeaway we’ve learned from the team.
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New York Giants QB Eli Manning’s latest (and telling) 1-32 quarterback ranking

Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.
Seven weeks into the 2014 season, here’s how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out:

1. Peyton Manning – Manning’s record-setting night against the 49ers was a quarterback clinic, showing he’s still the best in the business. (LW: 1)
2. Aaron Rodgers - Right now, the Packers are absolutely cruising to wins, led by their cool-customer QB, who is playing better than ever. (LW: 2)
3. Andrew Luck – Nobody is putting up better numbers than Luck who has the Colts rolling after five straight wins. (LW: 3)
4. Tony Romo – When a guy has led his team to the best record in the league, it’s worthy of praise. No matte

Bad day in Dallas – How will the New York Giants bounce back?

Quarterbacks Tony Romo and Eli Manning squared off last Sunday in Dallas.
After witnessing another painful New York Giants loss against the Dallas Cowboys last Sunday (31-21 final score), it remains unclear how the team can bounce back. The Gmen were tied up, 14-14, entering halftime with impressive momentum before they were manhandled in the second half, 17-7. Considering the initial hype about the Giants being legitimate contenders in the NFL East, they are not close to playing up to those standards. Here are several observations regarding the Giants defeat on Sunday:
1. Don’t Blame Eli: Looking back at Manning’s stats for the game, he completed 63.6% of his passes for 248 yard and three touchdowns. Despite the final score, Manning played very well as his total quarterback rating (QBR) was 116.7 (158.3 is the highest rating a quarterback can receive). The Giants now lost road games to the NFC East’s top two teams in consecutive weeks. New York now has two-game skids on either side of a three-game winn

Giants linebacker Jon Beason is contemplating shutting it down for the year

In an interview with WFAN’s Mike Francesa, New York Giants middle linebacker Jon Beason said that he hopes to play after the bye week against the Indianapolis Colts on Monday night, but that he will have to first get clearance from his foot specialist Dr. Robert Anderson and that surgery might be his best long-term […] The post Giants linebacker Jon Beason is contemplating shutting it down for the year appeared first on NFL Draft Diamonds.

Eli Manning: We have time to turn things around

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning believes his team can turns things around after losing their last two games and head into their bye week with a 3-4 record.
“There is a ton of football,” Manning said, via Newsday. “If we handle our business and start winning games, we have a shot to be OK and in good shape.”
Manning doesn’t question the Giants’ talent.
“I think we have the talent, yes,” he said. “Some of it is developing just because we have some new guys playing at positions . . . There are still some young aspects to it, but there is definitely talent there. When you get through the growing pains of these young guys, they’re doing a lot of good things, there are just little mistakes that are keeping us from being very, very good. The more playing experience they get, the more practices, all of a sudden these young guys start making those plays and things start coming together. That’s when we’ll be at our best.”
It all comes down to the Giants’

Giants face costly decision with Pierre-Paul

If the Giants don’t do it with Jason Pierre-Paul some other team out there will, and then the Giants need to trigger a search to find, well, another JPP.

As an impending unrestricted free agent, Pierre-Paul embarked on 2014 in full acknowledgment of his “contract year’’ status and of course is eager to make his re-signing a slam-dunk, no-questions-asked decision for the Giants. Rarely are things so simple in life. Pierre-Paul is having an excellent season, but it looks as if it is not going to be a let-the-numbers-tell-the-story type of season and, with the need for deeper analysis, the inevitable player vs. team discrepancy in determining net worth is always a strong possibility.

Are you down with JPP becoming the second highest-paid defensive player in the NFL, behind only J.J. Watt? Don’t scoff. Franchise defensive ends don’t hit the open market every year.

This is Pierre-Paul’s fifth year with the Giants and yet he remains impossibly young, only 25, and he doesn’t turn 26 unt…

Mailbag: Can Giants still reach playoffs?

Hi Alex, the New York Giants look helpless without Victor Cruz and are now 3-4. Is there any way this team can get on a hot streak and find their way into the playoffs? Riley, San Diego
In all honesty, it does look difficult to find a scenario where the Giants will sneak in. Between Dallas and Philadelphia, one of those teams will win the NFC East, and you’d expect one of them to snatch a wild-card spot.
Someone will win the putrid NFC South. The Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions are both 5-2. One of those teams is in, the other could also snag a wild-card spot. Don’t count out the underperforming Chicago Bears.
Then there is the brutal NFC West. San Francisco, Seattle and Arizona all have a ton of talent. Arizona leads that division, but you’d expect the 49ers and Seahawks to find ways in.
The Giants defense is beat up right now, and the offense is missing Victor Cruz. Obviously, you don’t count out Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin, but it looks unlikely for them to make it.
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