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Minnesota Vikings: Top 3 Free Agents To Target This Offseason

The Minnesota Vikings ended the 2014 regular season with a 7-9 record.  That’s a respectable effort for a team who had a rookie head coach in Mike Zimmer, a rookie quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater and without their All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson.  Now the hard work really begins. The Vikings have a number of free agents but none that they need to lose sleep over.  Their biggest free agent name is quarterback Christian Ponder and he’s aready been replaced with Bridgewater.  No loss there then.However, the Vikings do have some serious questions.  Notably what to do with the defense.  While the Vikings were ranked 14th in the league for total defense and seventh against the pass with 41 sacks, they were a lowly 24th against the run and only had 13 interceptions.  Those are some odd defensive number for sure.  You’d think a team who has the seventh overall passing defense and a pass rush that can rack up over 40 sacks would have more than 13 interceptions.Here are three players th…

Vikings hoping third season a charm for young wideout Cordarrelle Patterson

Minnesota Vikings coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner are hoping that soon to be third-year receiver Cordarrelle Patterson can flourish after finishing his rookie 2013 campaign strong, however, struggling throughout the entire 2014 season.

After sending four draft picks to New England in 2013 to move up to draft Patterson in the first round, the Vikings are looking to develop the young wideout into a quality NFL receiver. 

“It’s funny, I think if you look at a lot of these young receivers — I don’t want to give you examples,” general manager Rick Spielman said, via 1500 ESPN.

“But there are some young guys that really hit it, hopefully they’ll hit it by their third year.”


Report: Cris Carter’s kid spurns Minnesota Vikings, will sign with the Colts

For those of you who were hoping that Duron Carter would follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver corps, I have some bad news.
The highly touted prospect who has been drawing interest from several teams has apparently made his decision, according to ESPN insider Adam Schefter:

Montreal WR Duron Carter, son of HOF WR and ESPN analyst Cris Carter, is closing in on an agreement with the Indianapolis Colts.
— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) January 27, 2015

And not a single tear was shed in the great land of 10,000 lakes.
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Teddy Bridgewater Looking To Bulk During The Offseason

Photo: Vikings.comFormer Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater had a strong debut season in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings.
Despite being the last quarterback taken in the first round of the draft, Bridgewater was the only one named as a finalist for the Pepsi Rookie of the Year.
The Vikings won just seven games in 2014, but considering what the team had to work with, I’d say the future appears bright in Minnesota, with Bridgewater being one of the main reasons.
In his debut season, Bridgewater set 91 franchise records, including for starts (12), wins (six), completion percentage (64.4) and passer rating (85.2) by a rookie.
Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer and offensive coordinator Norv Turner have made it clear that Bridgewater is the future of the franchise.

In a recent radio interview, Turner says that Bridgewater is spending the first few weeks of the offseason training in his hometown of Miami. He’ll later return to Minnesota and participate in the team’s off-seas…

Vikings frontrunners to land WR Duron Carter

According to Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star, the Minnesota Vikings are the top candidates to land CFL star wideout Duron Carter.
Minnesota is the former team of Carter’s father, Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter.
At 6-4, 205-pounds, Carter produced 1,939 receiving yards in two CFL seasons after going undrafted. More than a dozen NFL teams reportedly have expressed interested.


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2014’s Top Minnesota Vikings Celebrations

The Minnesota Vikings put together a top list of player celebrations from 2014 recently, and assembled them all in a video. Firstly, that’s kind of cool. This is the quirky and fun stuff that other sports teams and leagues do all the time, and the NFL punches in the mouth with an iron fist usually. So, nice! Way to not suck AS much, NFL!
Secondly, and more egregious, how the **** do you not put in Christian Ponder’s gun fingers??! … Oh, right.
Anyway, watch this video quick:

Now, some notes.
- If I ever have to see Matt Asiata celebrate anything ever again, I’ll shoot my dick off.
- Spiking the football is *not* a celebration, by the way. It’s a lazy explosion of passion.
- Everson Griffen could dance on my grave, if he really wanted to.
- Does Shariff Floyd know that he’s not in Florida anymore? We don’t have any gators up here, bro.
- If Chad Greenway is not re-signed by the team solely based on the fact that he celebrates by karating kicking the air, then I would have no problem with that de

A true outdoorsman: Vikings’ Walsh embraced stepping outside

For all the concern about Blair Walsh’s move to a home outdoor stadium, the Minnesota Vikings’ kicker had his season come to a pivotal point indoors.
Walsh had missed two field goals outdoors in his new temporary home, TCF Bank Stadium, in Week 14 bringing about the natural question of Walsh’s consistency in the elements after spending his first two NFL seasons in the Metrodome. A week later, Walsh was inside again at Detroit.
Walsh missed each of his three attempts in a 16-14 loss to the Lions. A 53-yard attempt went wide right. He then had a 26-yard field-goal attempt blocked and the Vikings had him try a desperation 68-yard attempt as time expired in the loss. In two weeks, Walsh was 1 of 6 on field-goal attempts and the heat was on.
The ever-confident kicker wasn’t bothered. There was only one kick that truly weighed on him. He missed a 39-yard field-goal attempt wide right at TCF Bank Stadium against the New York Jets.
“I think if you look back at that two-game stretch and look…

Teddy Bridgewater Deserve to Be in Offesive Rookie of the Year Conversations?

When the Minnesota Vikings drafted Teddy  Bridgewater the hope was that the Louisville quarterback would end up becoming the QB of the future for the team. Christian Ponder was not going to live up to his hype and neither was Matt Cassell so the Vikings needed someone. They did not want to insert him in to the lineup as early as they did, but circumstances did not give them a choice.So–how did he do?via RedditRead more »

How far away are the Minnesota Vikings from competing for a Super Bowl?

The Minnesota Vikings finished in third place in the NFC North, but they are undeniably headed in the right direction.
Meanwhile on Sunday the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks will play in the Super Bowl. They’re the top two seeds from their respective conferences and some people (present company included) predicted they would play in this year’s big game.
So, should we just assume that the Seahawks and Patriots are the best of the best and nobody else had a chance to get this far?
Nope. Check out ESPN’s new feature that determines how many new pieces a team needs to become a legitimate Super Bowl contender…

FAN Q: Is an elite receiver really what we need?

RESPONSE: http://t.co/oKYTpoiqZH pic.twitter.com/JhROqrbJZ1
— Minnesota Vikings (@Vikings) January 26, 2015

What about the Minnesota Vikings? According to the formula they need 10 above average replacement guys to reach the top of the mountain, which ranks them 22nd overall.
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WATCH: Vikings wideout Charles Johnson did not get to the NFL by accident

We found this clip on Reddit, which included a compelling story about Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Charles Johnson and his path to the NFL. Check it out:

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Minnesota Vikings: A Look Back at the 2014 NFL Draft

On the eve of May 8th, 2014, Johnny “Football” hype was at an all-time high. The flashy Texas A&M quarterback had put on a show at his pro day in March, completing 61 of 64 passes in front of representatives from 30 NFL teams.He donned a helmet, shoulder pads, and camouflage shorts, avoiding brooms from quarterback guru George Whitfield Jr. in a showing that left many scouts impressed.Remember this?: Photo Credit: twincities.comMeanwhile, Teddy Bridgewater’s stock had plummeted after a disastrous pro day in early March. Once projected to be the 1st overall pick in the draft, the quarterback out of Louisville struggled with his deep throws, accuracy, and arm strength.The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock called the workout “average at best”, and noticed “a lot of flutters” and “a lot of inaccuracy”. Bridgewater was known for wearing gloves on both hands during games, and surprisingly went through his pro day without them. Scouts wondered, “Are the gloves the problem?”.Fast forward to the…

Vikings organization on same page with personnel decisions in second offseason

The Minnesota Vikings in 2013 were busy trying to find a new head coach and coaching staff; however, the personnel department had little time in adjusting to finding they type of players that fit Mike Zimmer’s style of play.

In their second season together, the Vikings organization is a tighter operation upstairs with plenty of information on what specific traits will help identify players that fit the team’s system.

“You can watch tape of some examples of it, but once you get into training camp and you watch them actually coach and what they’re trying to teach, and we go through and we sit through the season and we sit here on Mondays and go through game evaluations and listen to them talk about personnel, just heading into the second year now there’s such a clearer understanding about the direction we need to go, as far as what specifically each position trait is required to be effective in this scheme,” Spielman said, via Fox Sports.

“I think this is the clearest we’ve ev…

Vikings GM Rick Speilman says ‘no one is satisfied with the 7-9 record’

Minnesota Vikings general manager is doing a balancing act of going through a youth movement while trying to produce a playoff team at the same time.

Speilman elaborated on why the team is going to be patient and try to develop their young player with the mindset that mortgaging the future by bringing older players isn’t an option.

“Our team got older when we went through our Super Bowl run when we had Brett Favre, and I knew we had to get younger,” Spielman said, via the Star-Tribune.

“That takes some time, and we’ve been able to accomplish that over the last couple of years with the number of draft picks that we had. Now you’re hoping that those guys would develop and some of those guys are developing into pretty good football players for us. That cycle will be, hopefully, the guys that we extend and keep around for a while.”

“No one is satisfied with the 7-9 record, but there’s a lot of optimism,” Spielman said. “I think we have the right head coach in place. He did a g…

Reidell: The Vikings desperately need to add a red-zone threat at wide receiver this offseason

The Minnesota Vikings have some important decisions to make headlined by running back Adrian Peterson’s situation, however, another key personnel decision is their plan to bolster the wideout position.

Pass catchers Greg Jennings, Jarius Wright and Charles Johnson are the three top receivers, but none are considered top tiered.

Cordarrelle Patterson, the team 2013 first round pick regressed in his second season and now isn’t counted on as an answer going forward.

If the Vikings offense is going to get better, especially if Peterson doesn’t return, the unit is going to need to help out young Teddy Bridgewater if they want to continue to progress.

According to Robert Reidell of the Bleacher Report, Minnesota needs a downfield threat added to help lift the top off of defenses and in the red-zone.

Reidell writes:

‘The Vikings desperately need to add a red-zone threat at wide receiver this offseason, as Minnesota wide receivers only scored two touchdowns from inside the opp…