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Colts, Cardinals, Cowboys interested in Adrian Peterson?

Adrian Peterson’s father knows of at least three NFL teams who have interest in his son, and all of those teams are contenders. Peterson’s father, Nelson, spoke with the St. Paul Pioneer Press’ Chris Tomasson and told the writer that he has heard the Cardinals, Colts and Cowboys have interest in his son should the…Read More

Tim Hasselbeck Tweets Awesome High School Picture of His Brother Matt After He Signs Contract Extension With the Colts

You have to love family. They are the only ones that can throw shade at you and still be able to claim they love you without their noses growing. It doesn’t mean we can’t be mad at them when they do something like tweet old pictures from high school we would rather remain off the web.For example, take a look at the pic former NFL quarterback turned ESPN analyst Tim Hasselbeck tweeted of his brother Matt after he signed an extension with the Indianapolis Colts Thursday.via TwitterRead more »

Report: Colts targeting Brandon Marshall

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was ultimately unsuccessful in trying to bounce back from a torn ACL last season. Considering he is 36, that did not come as a surprise. Now, retirement is a legitimate possibility for the 14-year veteran. And even if Wayne doesn’t retire, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports that the Colts…Read More

Colts Sign QB Matt Hasselbeck To A One-Year Extension

The Indianapolis Colts announced that they’ve signed veteran QB Matt Hasselbeck to a one-year contract extension Thursday.

The @Colts have agreed to terms with quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on a one-year contract extension. No worry on a backup quarterback for 2015
— Kevin Bowen (@KBowenColts) February 27, 2015

Hasselbeck, 39, finished out his two-year contract worth $7.25 million that included $3 million guaranteed and was set to be an unrestricted free agent in the coming weeks.
Given where Hasselbeck is in his career, it was unlikely that he was going to test the open market. A return to the Colts really makes sense for both sides.
In 2014, Hasselbeck appeared in four games and threw for 301 yards while completing 68.2 percent of his passes to go along with two touchdowns. Pro Football Focus has him down for playing 86 total snaps.
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PHOTO: This T.Y. Hilton catch is insane

T.Y. Hilton has quickly emerged himself as one of the best young receivers during his three years in the league.
He has earned the nickname “The Ghost” for his ability to slip past opposing defenses and shred them. But sometimes it does not matter if he is even covered.

@EAMaddenNFL quadruple coverage!!! TD @TYHilton13 #MaddenPS4 #maddenscreenshot #PS4share
— Randolph Duke (@hemmy_80) February 24, 2015

Too bad it was just a catch in Madden, but Hilton has shown that his play in real life is just as insane as it is in the video game. The season just needs to get here so we can see the real Ghost in action.
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PHOTO: This T.Y. Hilton catch is insane
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2014 NFL Draft Grade A Day | Indianapolis Colts

With the NFL season over it’s time to look at each team’s draft class and grade them on a PRODUCTION ONLY basis.  Let’s see what teams had first year success and which ones are hoping for better in year two. POINTS SCALE Round 1: 0-5Round 2: 0-4Round 3: 0-3Round 4: 0-2Round 5: 0-1Round 6 & 7:  Same system as undrafted. Points only awarded if player was productive, no scale.Round 2 - Jack Mewhort OT, Ohio St. Analysis - Mewhort started 14 games at right tackle and played with power and tenacity.Score – 4/4Round 3 - Donte Moncrief WR, Ole Miss Analysis – Moncrief showed flashes, but disappered when I started him in Fan Duel.  His 32 receptions for 444 yards and 3 scores is a decent stat line for a third rounder in his first season.Score – 2.5/3Round 5 - Jonathan Newsome OLB, Ball St. Analysis – Newsome quietly had a very good rookie year.  He was used mostly on a rotational basis but still racked up 28 tackles with an eye popping  6.5 sacks, and 3 forced fumbles.Score – 2/1R

Colts’ Offensive Line Doesn’t Need as Much as You’d Think

The paramount gripe about the Indianapolis Colts for the last few years has been the performance of the offensive line, and for good reason.They have the NFL’s next superstar quarterback in Andrew Luck under center whom they need to protect, and they have struggled to get any semblance of a rushing attack established, not having an individual 100-yard performance since 2012.To put things in perspective, here is a graph of the Colts’ main participants on the offensive line from 2014 sorted by the amount of snaps that they saw, all graded by Pro Football Focus (subscription required).As you can see, the Colts’ line certainly had its struggles. However, they finally came together with some consistency towards the end of the season, allowing just two sacks in the last four games. In fact, Luck was sacked 27 times in 2014 (13th fewest in league), an improvement from 2013 (32) and 2012 (41). Luck still got hit quite a bit in 2014, though, hitting the turf 71 times and being hurried 150 times.The actual lineme

Please Stop Talking about Vick Ballard

I like Vick Ballard.
He seems like a nice guy, a player who will commit to the franchise, work hard and contribute to the community. Those kind of guys are valuable.
But we have to stop talking about him.
It’s nothing against Ballard, but there is absolutely zero reason why he should even be considered as the Colts address the running back position this offseason.
For some reason unknown to the logical NFL fan, Ballard’s name has been popular over the last few weeks. These tweets keep showing up on my timeline, and it’s mind-boggling.

You may have forgotten about Vick Ballard, but the Colts haven’t. Here’s an update on the RB:
— Josh Wilson (@Coltsfanwilson) February 19, 2015

Don’t forget Colts fans, Vick Ballard is a good running back. — Grant Afseth (@GrantAfseth) February 19, 2015

#Colts Brass Still Believes in Running Back (Vick) Ballard: #NFL
— Horseshoe Heroes (@HorseshoeHeroes) February 20, 2015


Should the Indianapolis Colts Draft a Running Back in the First Round?

Going into the 2015 NFL season the Colts have many glaring needs. As usual, they need significant help along the offensive line. There are holes on the defensive side that need filled. And, what’s going on with the running back situation? Will Ahmad Bradshaw return and be able to produce? Will Trent Richardson finally reach bust status and be released? Will Boom Herron continue to get a shot? What about Vick Ballard? There are several big name running backs that could be available in free agency such as Adrian Peterson, Frank Gore, and Ray Rice. Will the Colts make a move in free agency to bolster the backfield or will they make an early splash in the 2015 Draft? Our friends at have taken a look at that very question.

It’s no secret that the NFL has been sprinting full speed toward the most wide-open passing attacks imaginable in the last twenty years or so. Inadvertently, the league is trying to render the rushing game completely obsolete, as they open the throttle …

Release of RJF Exemplifies Colts’ Free Agent Struggles

The bloodbath of cap-saving cuts continued on Monday with the release of defensive end Ricky Jean Francois, a move that wasn’t completely expected, yet not surprising.
Jean Francois was a charismatic locker-room presence who was never short of a quote for the media.
He was a leader on the defensive line despite just arriving in Indianapolis in 2013. During my training camp trip this past year I noticed him leading young defensive linemen in extra technique drills after practice concluded.
It wasn’t like he was a bad player in Indianapolis. He graded out at +1.7 at Pro Football Focus in 2013, and +0.4 in 2014. He finished with the second-most stops on the defensive line in 2014, just behind Cory Redding (and almost twice as many as Arthur Jones).
Of the linemen that were left on the Colts roster at the end of the season, it was Jean Francois that had been the most effective in Indianapolis.
And yet, he was cut Monday, leaving the Colts with an even bigger, massive hole on the defensi…

Indianapolis Colts Draft Needs: Strong Safety

With the NFL Combine just about over at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Indianapolis Colts have just gathered some information on prospects to draft for positions that are much needed in order to improve in the right direction.
Recently, the Colts have released strong safety LaRon Landry after signing him to a four-year contract two years ago.
So with Landry gone, there are three players the Colts could draft to fill his spot on the roster.
1. Jaquiski Tartt (Samford)
Safeties are not really positions that are often drafted too early. If they are drafted in the first round, most of the time they usually end up being drafted as a mid or late first round pick. For Jaquiski Tartt, he is a prospect that could be drafted late in the second round or in the third round in general. Playing for a school such as Samford, Tartt is not as recognized as he should be based on the skills he presents. Tartt has great range covering from sideline to sideline. An aggressive defender who does an excellent job with run support, Tartt cou

Indianapolis Colts: Positions of need

The Indianapolis Colts and the rest of the league are immersed in the off-season and everything that comes with it.
The NFL Draft combine is about to wrap up and free agency is fast approaching. So, let’s take a look at what the Colts need before they start rebuilding their roster.
Defensive Line
Honestly, any position in the front 7 is a must have for the Colts this off-season, and not a bunch of mid-tier over paid players. That’s how Grigson has filled this roster, and mainly the defense, and it simply has done absolutely nothing.
Look at the playoff game against the New England Patriots, does anything really need to be said? They destroyed the Colts in the trenches, and it wasn’t even funny.
The Colts need to draft or sign a game changing defensive lineman *cough* Ndamukong Suh *cough* or a few guys that can contribute in different ways.
Outside Linebacker
Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush. There was absolutely none outside of sending elaborate blitzes. Not much more needs to be said, the Colts nee

Colts Combine Update: Mike Adams Likely to Return, Pass Rusher an Offseason Focus

Well, if you expected the Colts combine interviews to be full of fluff and limited on interesting information, you are the big winner!
The most asked-about subject was Deflategate, since all the east coast media was in town, which made for a depressing and rather uneventful day.
Here were the notable talking points, as told by the reporters that were there:

Pagano echoes what Grigson said about the need to bring back Mike Adams back: “I fully expect him to come back and play at a high level.”
— Kevin Bowen (@KBowenColts) February 19, 2015

Probably the biggest “news” of the combine, it seems that Mike Adams will likely be re-signed and given a chance to start again next season. It was the most logical move for the Colts, who currently don’t have a single starting safety on the roster. Nobody asked about Darius Butler, but the answer likely would have been similar. At least, that’s what George Bremer feels, and I agree.
Grigson on pass rush: “I was always brought up with if you hav…

Report: Fired NFL employee gave Pats worker unapproved ball

A Patriots employee who reportedly tried to introduce an unapproved kicking ball into the AFC Championship Game last month got that ball from an NFL employee, according to a new report. On Tuesday night, ESPN’s Kelly Naqi singled out Patriots officials’ locker room attendant Jim McNally for trying to introduce an unapproved “K ball” into…Read More

Richardson missed walkthrough due to pregnancy complications

Trent Richardson and the Indianapolis Colts are at odds over what happened the weekend of the team’s loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, and now some new information makes Richardson look a lot more empathetic. Richardson missed the team’s walkthrough Saturday morning Jan. 17 and was not on the team…Read More