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I Believe That We Will Win: Colts at Jaguars

There are some reasons that the Colts might lose this week. But there are also reasons that the Colts could win. As a fan, we put our faith in the latter (as analysts, maybe not, but this is a fan blog and sometimes we just have to say screw that). This series is for the optimists in all of us, also the dark part of us that wants to shame opponents in every way possible.
I figure that my effort in writing this column should reflect the effort the Colts will need to defeat their upcoming opponent.
Suffice it to say that I’m planning on writing this week’s edition in about 10 minutes.
After a NO GOOD VERY BAD no-call defeated the Colts in Week 2, the team travels to Jacksonville on Sunday to take on the Jaguars. The Sparkle Kitties, as they are affectionately known, are downright terrible. Just awful. They should help cure what ails Colts fans this week after an ulcer-inducing week of criticism.
If I was sure of one thing this week, it’s that the Colts will win this game. Here’s why.

Will Colts get Into Another Conundrum at Center?

The Indianapolis Colts have been in search of a steady presence at center since the departure of Jeff Saturday. They have made attempts to fill the void, signing Samson Satele – who they thought would be a Pro Bowler – in 2012, then drafting Khaled Holmes in 2013. They also signed now-retired free agent Phil Costa to potentially bridge the gap between Satele and Holmes this offseason.Satele started from 2012-’13 and was dreadful. He always seemed to be dealing with some sort of injury, and when he was on the field defenders always seemed to be blowing past him towards quarterback Andrew Luck, or they would just put Satele on his back. Satele’s fill-in while he was hurt in 2013, Mike McGlynn, played noticeably better than Satele, but the Colts remained committed to Satele as their starter, and the team suffered because of it.General manager Ryan Grigson explained the offensive line’s struggles were due to a lack of continuity caused by injuries. The obvious solution – starting McGlyn…

Indianapolis Colts at Jacksonville Jaguars: 2013 Week 3 NFL Pick

Indianapolis Colts (0-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2)
The Jaguars are terrible. They lost last week by the score of 41-10 in Washington even after the Redskins lost RG3 early in the game to injury. They allowed 41 points to a backup quarterback and on the other side of the fall, they were sacked more often (10) than they picked up the first down (8) against what has generally been a terrible defense over the past year or two. The Jaguars moved the chains at a 45.00% rate, while the Redskins moved the chains at an 84.09% rate, one of the worst performances by a team I’ve seen in a long time.
The Jaguars were awful last season too, losing 10 of 12 games by double digits and needing a 4-2 record in games decided by a touchdown or less to even get to 4-12. Those 4 wins came against opponents who finished a combined 15-49. They also ranked easily dead last in rate of moving the chains differential last season. They were dead last in rate of moving the chains, moving them at a 64.19% rat…

Indianapolis Colts need to improve third down efficiency

The Colts are winless in 2014, and a big cause of that is their poor efficiency on third down.
Out of 25 third down opportunities this season, the Colts have only converted on eight of those. That’s a 32 percent efficiency rating, and that’s good for 29th in the league. The only teams who have been worse in this category are the Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s safe to say that one of these things is not like the other.
However, the inefficiency on third down should not come as a great shock to anyone. In 2012, the start of the new regime, Indianapolis finished seventh in the league on third down efficiency at 42.97 percent. That’s not too shabby for a team with a lot of new pieces, including a rookie quarterback.
But then Bruce Arians had to leave for greener pastures and Pep Hamilton was brought in. The now Hamilton-led Colts finished 15th in the league on third down efficiency at 38.14 percent. I realize there were a lot of injures and other unfor…

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck is on the hot seat after poor two weeks

It doesn’t take long for the pressure to mount in the NFL. Just two games into the 2014 season, plenty of people find themselves under the microscope, trying to answer questions about their most-recent performance.
Who is in that spot? Here are five on the hot seat this weekend:
5. Peyton Manning
Manning’s last game against Seattle wasn’t pretty
The Broncos quarterback is off to a fine starting, having thrown six touchdowns and zero interceptions through the first two games. But this Sunday, he and his teammates travel to Seattle to take on a Seahawks team that derailed the greatest offense in NFL history during Super Bowl XLVIII. Manning needs to prove that he can perform at a high level against the league’s best defense, especially after Philip Rivers showed that it’s possible.
Heat Index: 3 – This week is more about building confidence, but that could prove vital down the stretch for Denver

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1 year later, the Cleveland Browns are winning the Trent Richardson trade

Exactly one year ago today the Cleveland Browns shocked the sports world by trading the cornerstone of their franchise, running back Trent Richardson – to the Indianapolis Colts.
In exchange they got a first round draft pick, which they turned into Johnny Manziel, who may become a franchise quarterback, and may flop. It’s too early to tell.
While Manziel has barely seen the field as of yet, at this point it really looks like the Browns have gotten the better of the trade, if for no other reason that Richardson has turned out to be a complete bust.
1 year ago today, the Colts traded for RB Trent Richardson.
— NFL Talk (@_NFLTalk) September 18, 2014

Last season with the Colts Richardson averaged a woeful 2.9 yards per carry and scored just three touchdowns.
In 2014 he’s not doing a whole lot better – averaging 3.7 yards per carry and he already has two fumbles.
Browns fans were furious at the time, but right now if you gave them the opportunity to do it ove…

Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck deemed top disappointment so far

It’s early. That’s a true statement, as we’re only two games into a 16-game season. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t enough data to start assessing the performance thus far of every team, player and coach in the NFL.
And when the grades start getting compiled, there are some dismal marks on the report. Slow starts abound around the league.
Who falls into this category? Here are the 10 biggest disappointments in the NFL so far this season:
10. Andrew Luck
So far, Luck doesn’t look like a Super Bowl quarterback
The Colts quarterback has certainly had some good moments, throwing five touchdown passes through the first two games of the year. But the three interceptions he also tossed are evidence that he’s also struggled at times, part of the reason Indianapolis has started the season 0-2. Elite quarterbacks find a way to get wins, especially when they have the ball in their hands late in a tight game. So far this year, Luck has failed to deliver in two such situations.

9. Jamaal …

Joe Banner discusses Brian Hoyer and trading Trent Richardson

We’ve already discussed Joe Banner’s Twitter account on these pages. Many still won’t even believe it’s the real deal, preferring to assume like many other accounts that @JoeBanner13 is a fake. Anyway, this morning Mr. Banner recounted what it was like one year ago today when he traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts.
a year ago today spent much of the night on the phone, trying to finalize the Richardson deal. One of the hardest trades to finalize I did
— Joe Banner (@JoeBanner13) September 18, 2014

I’ll never try and tell you that Joe Banner isn’t a smart guy. He clearly is and he got a great many things correct. He might not have gotten anything more correct in his time with the Cleveland Browns than the trade of Trent Richardson. Even as the deal infuriated me, I’ve had to adjust that anger in hindsight and awkwardly redirect it to the fact that the Browns didn’t do any better than Willis McGahee after making the deal.
That sums up Joe Banner in so many ways in my mind. I do

Guest Post: Dink ‘n’ Dunk– Statistically analyzing the Colts’ passing game

Editor’s note: Thanks to CA reader and friend of the site Ben Rathe for sending me another well-done piece on the Colts’ passing game. As always, we welcome any commentary or criticism that is well thought-out in order to facilitate discussion. If you wish to contribute to Colts Authority, feel free to email us at You can follow Ben on Twitter here. – KJR
I’ve written here before about the Colts passing game. Last time it was an article on TY Hilton that most people could have justifiably described as a defence of Pep Hamilton. This article will be far from that.
As my first article said, I’m a stats guy. I leave the tape watching and play breakdown to people who understand better than me. So what follows is a statistical analysis of just how negative and constrained the passing offense has been in the first two games of the season.
We all know the Colts passing game has been bad, but it’s only when you look at the stats that you really see how truly ter…

Bettor loses $100,000 on Colts’ late-game choke

A Delaware bettor put down $5 for a 15-team parlay, looking for a shot to win $100,000. In order to win, the gambler would need to pick all 15 games correctly against the spread. And the odds are long.But things looked pretty good for this person after Indianapolis rolled to a 14-point third quarter lead and the individual had correctly picked the first 14 games.All that was needed to collect 100 grand was a Colts win by more than three.And we know what happened.The Colts ended up blowing the two touchdown lead and losing, 30-27, on a Cody Parkey field goal as time expired.”It definitely looked like Delaware had a winner when the Colts were up by 14 midway through the third quarter,” lottery director Vernon Kirk said in a statement, according to the Delaware News Journal. “Then to have the Eagles rally like that — and to win in the last three seconds of the game — it was agonizing to watch when you knew one player was so close to such a big payout.”It’s almost a sure bet that this pe

Colts Injury Update: Arthur Jones week-to-week

During the Indianapolis Colts’ Loss to the Philadelphia Eagles this Monday, defensive end Arthur Jones suffered an injury. After being carted off the field, SI WIRE of reported that Jones was sent for X-rays and it was confirmed he had an ankle sprain. #455504876 / gettyimages.comUnfortunately for the Colts, and Jones for that matter, the sprain is a bad one and will keep the 28-year-old former fifth round pick off the field and watching from the sidelines. Ian Rapoport of tweeted this out yesterday. The #Colts likely will be without DL Arthur Jones for 2-4 weeks, source says. He suffered a high-ankle sprain last night.— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) September 16, 2014Now there is always a chance that Jones’ rehab goes well and everything comes up roses; he comes back from injury early and the Colts don’t feel the loss that much. The problem with sprains is that they can always lead to more. Indy recently signed Jones to a 33 million dollar deal, so you can be sure they’ll…

Is the Indianapolis Colts Week 3 tilt with Jacksonville a top game to watch?

Some teams are pleasant surprises thus far, making them intriguing to check out in more detail. While others are shocking flops, creating a sense of desperation just two weeks into the season.
Both scenarios help create some interesting match-ups on the NFL docket. To see the “Fab Five” – the best games on the docket – for Week 3, CLICK HERE.
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Man misses out on $100K thanks to Colts late collapse on Monday night

The Colts were up 27-20 in the fourth quarter, and a man who made a simple bet was getting more and more anxious on a five dollar bet he had made with the Delaware Sports Lottery.
The man picked 14 consecutive winners against the spread over the weekend, and had taken the Colts on Monday night. Then the unthinkable happened. The Colts collapsed late, and lost 30-27. The man had taken Indianapolis by more than a field goal. His pay day? $100,000.
According to the Delaware Sports Lottery, no one has won the 15 game spread pick since 2011. The odds are set at 32,00 to 1. Over 4,500 people put down the five dollar bet on week 2.
Could you have imagined the mans reaction late when the Colts blew the 14 point lead? To come that close, only to watch a team falter must have been agonizing for the man. Better luck next week I guess.
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After brutal Week 2, Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck drops in QB rankings

Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.
Two games into the 2014 season, to see how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out, CLICK HERE.
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Grade Day: Colts flop against the Eagles on Monday Night Football

Boy, did the Colts let one slip away last night against the Eagles at home. Some bad calls went against the Colts, especially with the horsecollar tackle, and no call on T.Y. late in the game. Some late game mismanagement also contributed to a last second loss on an Eagles field goal, and now the Colts head into week three in an 0-2 hole.
It is too early to start pointing fingers and playing the blame game, but it is not too early get out the grade book and break down choices the Colts made last night.
Play Calling D
Pep was finally able to get the Colts offense pounding the ball on the ground, racking up over 160 yards, A solid sign that should have relived pressure off of the passing game, but Luck finished with under 200 yards.
I can deal with all of that as the Colts controlled almost the entire game, but the part in question here is the fourth down attempt in the fourth quarter and running the ball two straights times on the teams final drive.
The Colts elected to go for it on …