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Indianapolis Colts fans will love new list ripping everything about rivals as overhyped

Yawn. That’s how the sports world collectively responded to Tuesday’s trade deadline in the NFL, a much-anticipated day that wound up generating less than Al Capone’s vault. Aside from a couple of transactions made by the lowly Buccaneers, involving a couple of players that most people had never heard of, the deadline came and went without anyone noticing.
Given the hype that surrounds the NFL nowadays, where everything that happens in the league is trumpeted like it’s headline news, the trade deadline being much ado about nothing isn’t exactly shocking; it’s to be expected. But it’s also not the only thing that gets more attention than it rightfully deserves.
The league is filled with overhyped things, people, events, etc. From coast to coast, there are aspects of the NFL that garner way more interest than they deserve.
Who and what makes that list? Here are 10 things more overhyped than the NFL trade deadline:
10. Jerry’s World
It’s a stadium, not a UFO
Yes, AT&T Stadium i…

Indianapolis Colts: three keys to beat the Giants in week nine

The New York Giants (3-4) will host the Indianapolis Colts (5-3) at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey at 8:30 EST on Monday Night Football and coverage can be seen on ESPN. The Colts are coming of an embarrassing loss defensively to the Pittsburgh Steelers as they lost 51-34 last week, ending their five-game winning streak. While the Colts did manage trim the lead to make it a much more competitive game, it was too much for them to overcome late. As for the Giants, they are coming off a bye week and are currently on a two-game losing skid, which they hope ends on Monday night. For the Colts though, there will be three keys this Monday if they look to get back on track for the second half of the season.
Key players return from injury and suspension
Going into last week’s game against the Steelers, the Colts were without their most reliable wide receiver in Reggie Wayne. Running back Trent Richardson, who was dealing with a hamstring injury going into the game, did dress but did not see action on

Indianapolis Colts at New York Giants: 2014 Week 9 NFL Pick

Indianapolis Colts (5-3) at New York Giants (3-4)
The Colts surprisingly lost in Pittsburgh last week by the final score of 51-34 as 3.5 point favorites. This week, they are once again 3.5 point road favorites here in New York against the Giants, but I think the result will be different for four reasons. The first reason is that Andrew Luck and Chuck Pagano, as is the case with most good quarterback/head coach combinations, have been great off a loss, going 10-1 ATS since they both took over in 2012.
Two, the Giants are in a bad spot going to Seattle next week, where they will almost definitely be double digit underdogs. Teams are 40-84 ATS before being double digit underdogs since 2010. That’s because when you have a game coming up like that it generally means one of two things. One, you have a very tough game coming up that serves as a distraction. Two, you really aren’t that good of a football team. I think it’s the former here.
Three, I think last week’s loss was a fluke as the …

Was the Indianapolis Colts Week 9 tilt announced as a top game to watch?

The leaves are turning. Halloween decorations are up throughout the neighborhood. And the days are getting shorter and shorter. What do those things signal? Football games are getting more and more important.
This week certainly backs up that notion, as the NFL’s slate of games features plenty of match-ups with playoff implications. That may sound nutty in Week 9, but that’s truly the case.
With that as the backdrop, here are the “Fab Five” – the best games on the docket – for Week 9:

A couple of wild card contenders square off in Miami
San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins | Sunday at 1:00 p.m. – The Chargers come in on a two-game losing streak, which has derailed their AFC West aspirations. However, it puts them squarely in the wild card mix, which makes this game ultra-important. At season’s end, San Diego and Miami will be in the group of teams vying for a playoff berth; their head-to-head result will be a vital tie-breaker.

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Indianapolis Colts Andrew Luck’s mid-way, surprising QB ranking unveiled

Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.
Eight weeks into the 2014 season, here’s how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out:

1. Peyton Manning – He put up mind-boggling numbers and wins games; there’s nothing more anyone could want from their quarterback. (LW: 1)
2. Aaron Rodgers - Up until he pulled his hamstring, Rodgers was going toe to toe with Drew Brees in the Superdome. Relax, people; it’s one loss. (LW: 2)
3. Tom Brady – During the past four weeks, Brady has proven that he’s still among the best quarterbacks in the NFL. (LW: 6)
4. Drew Brees - With Jimmy Graham getting healthier and Brandin Cooks turning into a player, Brees finally …

Matt Overton has the perfect analysis of the Colts loss to the Steelers

The Indianapolis Colts had their five game win streak snapped last Sunday as they were blown out on the road by the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Multiple players said that each week is a new season and to forget the loss and move on to next Monday nights game against the New York Giants. That is a good idea, but I think Matt Overton might have had the best analysis of any Colts player about the game.
Lets just forget game 6 happened and move onto game 7
— Matt Overton (@MattOverton_LS) October 29, 2014
I think Ron Burgandy would agree that the players need to forget that loss and move on. Well done Matt, well done.
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Out with Nicks; Time to Feed Moncrief

Raise your hand if you thought the Indianapolis Colts’ offseason free agent acquisition of veteran receiver Hakeem Nicks was going to be a success.Now, keep your hand raised if you also thought rookie receiver Donte Moncrief would be a work in progress all year, picking up the scraps left behind from Reggie Wayne, TY Hilton, Nicks and possibly even the duo of Griff Whalen and now former Colts receiver Da’Rick Rogers.Fast forward a couple of months, and the situations could not be more different.Nicks looks like a shell of even the disappointing player he was last season as a New York Giant, hauling in an average of just 2 catches for 21 yards per game. We may only be in Week 9, but it is not like Nicks has not gotten the opportunity to succeed. His biggest chance came in Week 8 with Wayne sidelined all day with an elbow injury. Nicks started with Hilton, but only reeled in one catch on six targets. In a game where the Colts threw the ball 45 times, Nicks had the chance to silence hi…

Colts release Jeff Demps from P/S

Today the Indianapolis Colts released running back Jeff Demps from the practice squad. The former Florida Gator speedster could be brought back in soon according to his agency. @gridironsports: Colts released Jeff Demps from the Practice Squad. He may return there in a week or so unless another team picks him up. #colts Do you […] The post Colts release Jeff Demps from P/S appeared first on NFL Draft Diamonds.

Did the Indianapolis Colts have any of the biggest Week 8 heroes or goats?

Nearly midway through the 2014 NFL season, the league is starting to take shape. It’s easier and easier to see what teams are contenders and which ones are just not ready for primetime.
How did each team get to their current point? In part, it was because of the performance, good or bad, of some key players and coaches. Some helped their team, while others hurt the squad.
Who fell into each category? Here are the “Heroes and Goats” from Week 8:

New Orleans rode Ingram to a big home win
Mark Ingram – The Saints hung 44 points on the Packers en route to a big win a home, a victory that keeps them right in the thick of things in the extremely mediocre NFC South. That type of output would lead most to believe that Drew Brees carried New Orleans, but that’s only part of the story. On Sunday night, it was the Saints running game that opened up the offense, led by Ingram’s 24-carry, 172-yard, one-touchdown performance against Green Bay.

Jones was among many goats fo…

Week 8 Report Card: Colts at Steelers

After a shutout win a week ago, the Colts’ defense collapsed and had a historically bad game against the Pittsburgh Steelers to snap a six-game winning streak.
Andrew Luck and the offense almost pulled the miraculous comeback, but a nearly absolute lack of defensive support was too much to overcome.
The Colts’ offense started the game with a good drive that ended in a FG, set up by a 45-yard catch by T.Y. Hilton that took Indy to Pittsburgh’s 20-yard line. After gaining just seven yards on three plays, Vinatieri kicked the FG. 3-0.
After a three-and-out, the Colts’ third series lasted even less than that. Luck threw the ball to a well-covered Hakeem Nicks on second-and-five, resulting in an easy pick-six. 3-21.
As he usually does, Luck quickly bounced back from that mistake. On third-and-four from their own 21-yard line, Luck and Donte Moncrief connected for a 52-yard gain.  A couple plays later, Luck threw his first TD of the day to Dwayne Allen (gorgeous 21-yard throw) …

Apparently Pat McAfee has a “punchable” face

Everyone reacts differently when their favorite team loses. Some lash out at friends, some curse out the coach and want him fired, and some apparently want to punch a player in the face. At least that is the case for someone named Tim Wilson.
According to the Twitter account of Pat McAfee, a fan wanted to punch him in the face after the Colts embarrassing loss to the Steelers last Sunday.
Life in the NFL.. My dad always told me I had that “punchable appeal”
— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) October 27, 2014
I guess McAfee thinks he has that “punchable” face. There will always be doubters in the NFL, and not everyone is going to like you. That is just the way it is. But, at least McAfee has fun with his haters.
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Indianapolis Colts lineman A.Q. Shipley tweets crazy picture

A.Q. Shipley might have sleep apnea, and he sent out a picture late last night saying that he was undergoing tests.
Having a sleep study done tonight to see if i have sleep apnea..hope this pic doest scare you!
— AQ Shipley (@aqshipley) October 28, 2014
According to the Mayo Clinic, sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts. The test appears to be something that does not look comfortable at all, and hopefully Shipley does not have it.
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Indianapolis Colts: Vontae Davis is the beast

I know, I know, the Indianapolis Colts defense didn’t start that great, even when Davis was in the game. But I believe that Davis would have made it so that the Steelers didn’t put up 51 freaking points.
You might say, “The problems go deeper than just the coverage, Faraz, the Colts weren’t getting any pass rush, either.” Well, sir or madam, you have a good point, but one of the big problems was when they sent a blitz there was little coverage and when there was good coverage there wasn’t much pass rush.
Davis would have allowed the Colts to send more blitzes, because he would have provided better coverage on the play and allowed more time for the blitz to get to Ben Roethlisberger.
This would have also, in turn, sent Greg Toler into coverage against somebody other than Antonio Brown and move Darius Butler back inside, where he’s great. However, pertaining to Butler, he seemed far from 100% and he would have most likely been ineffective anywhere on the field anyways.
Of course, the defense wou

Indianapolis Colts recieve great news on Vontae Davis’ MRI

During the Colts loss to the Steelers yesterday afternoon, Vontae Davis left the game with an knee injury while making a tackle in the first quarter. Davis, who was playing the best football of his career this season, was scheduled for an MRI this morning, and the news has come back.
The MRI for #Colts CB Vontae Davis’ knee came out negative, I’m told. That’s a good sign after he missed the end of yesterday’s game.
— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) October 27, 2014
Good news for the Colts, even though their defense was laughable yesterday, losing Davis for any extended amount of time would further weaken the defense.
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Colts should try to land Brandon Graham from the Eagles

The Eagles have been dangling Brandon Graham for years, but teams have been scared to pull the trigger. One team that is not afraid to make a trade is the Indianapolis Colts.  The Colts have landed two huge trades before the deadline two years in a row.  The Eagles on the other hand could definitely […] The post Colts should try to land Brandon Graham from the Eagles appeared first on NFL Draft Diamonds.