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Eyes in the Backfield: Cowboys 42 Colts 7

What We Saw in the Dallas-Indianapolis Game
Cowpoked. (Image courtesy of Mark Brown,
Under normal circumstances, I would lay out 12 things that happened in Sunday’s game. Given the total and complete nature of the Colts collapse, that would feel a bit redundant. Instead, allow me to make the following points only, then we shall never talk about Sunday’s game again.
1. Sunday’s loss was a virtual inevitability. The minute it became clear on Friday that T.Y. Hilton wasn’t playing, the Colts’ chances of winning the game went out the window. Take Hilton out of the offense, and there’s no reasonable chance Indy shows any kind of rhythm or sync. The defense was always going to allow 30+ points to Romo and company. That was a foregone conclusion. They have to every team this year who featured a quarterback with a pulse. The Colts mixed it up on the offensive line and featured lots of Hakeem Nicks. That’s not a recipe for a 30-point game. The coaches knew it too. That…

Dewey McDonald drops wide-open fake-punt pass; Wiki page immediately changed

The Indianapolis Colts were set to battle for playoff seeding this afternoon in Dallas, but quickly found themselves down 28-0 in the first half. But before the Colts found themselves in a deep hole, a play that could have kept them in it went horribly wrong.
After the Cowboys opened up the game 7-0, the Colts went three and out. However, the coaching staff thought it was time to try a trick play deep in their own territory. Pat McAfee attempted a fake punt pass to a wide open Dewey McDonald, and he dropped it.

As if that was not bad enough, someone immediately changed his Wikipedia page.

Someone edited his Wiki page after Colts S Dewey McDonald dropped that fake-punt pass:
— Gregg Doyel (@GreggDoyelStar) December 21, 2014

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Dewey McDonald drops wide-open fake-punt pass; Wiki page immediately changed
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Dallas Cowboys take the Indianapolis Colts behind the woodshed for a whooping

Nothing was pretty for the Indianapolis Colts as they were beat by the Dallas Cowboys 42-7 this afternoon. Just how bad was it? The Colts finished with just one rushing yard. Just  one. Trent Richardson gets the highest honors with a mega .5 yards per carry average. Their longest rush of the day? 4 yards.
The Colts quickly found themselves down in the first half after a opening touchdown drive by the Cowboys, and a failed fake-punt attempt deep in their own territory. By the end of the first half the Colts were down 28-0.
Luck opened the second half with an interception on just the second play. He finished the afternoon 15-22 for 109 yards and two interceptions. Snapping his 18 game streak of at least one touchdown pass. He was pulled in the third quarter by Pagano as the Colts failed to protect him as he kept getting hit.
As a team they finished with 229 yards to Dallas’ 377. Yet, it could have been worse as most starters were out by the end of the third quarter.
The Colts were wit…

Indianapolis Colts Bench Andrew Luck

Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck and the entire Colts’ team are just a hot mess as the team is currently being shut out by the Dallas Cowboys 42-0. With enough of Luck turning over the ball left and right, the Colts benched him in the third quarter in favor of Matt Hasselbeck.
At this time, it looks like Luck, who has thrown two costly interceptions, is done for the day as he sits on the bench after only completing 109 passing yards and zero touchdowns. As for Hasselbeck, he’s already managed a turnover of his own as the Colts’ ship just sinks further into the ocean today.
The only folks happy in Dallas today are the Cowboys who will clinch the NFC East title with this victory over the Colts today.
And in reality, the benching of Luck has more to do with not wanting to risk his health in what has already been a disastrous game for a team that’s clinched a division title.
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Someone Has Already Altered Wikipedia Page for Indianapolis Colts DB Dewey McDonald

It is going to be a while before Indianapolis Colts rookie defensive back Dewey McDonald is going to be able to live this one down. An argument could be made that it was a horrible call and he should have never been in that position anyway, but he should have caught it. Pat McAfee harnessed the boom stick and threw a pass that should have been easily caught.The drop earned him a little ‘love’ on his Wikipedia page by an enterprising ‘fan.’@TheCauldron/TwitterRead more »

WATCH: Indianapolis Colts Punter Pat McAfee Almost Completes Awesome Pass on Fake Punt

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is not a stupid man. I would argue that he is one of the five best head coaches in the league right now. That being said, the fake punt he called for in the first quarter of the Colts-Cowboys game was stupid. Yes, it would have been brilliant had it been completed–and it should have been–but it wasn’t.To be honest, if this game meant anything to the Colts there is a 99.9 percent chance this play never gets called.via Bleacher ReportRead more »

It’s time for the Colts to feed Moncrief

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Despite a Colts win this past Sunday, it goes without saying that this wasn’t their best win of the year. It ended very similar to the last game against Houston; the game lying in the Texans quarterback’s hands and a turnover as a result to seal the game. This is the second week now that the Colts have had an unconvincing win. Another pick 6 adds to the list and while it wasn’t entirely Luck’s fault (Fleener sat on his route), It adds to Lucks recent mortal-like stats. He’s gone 42 of 87 attempts along with 4 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. So what changed? Blame it on Richardson like every Colts fan will or blame it on the offensive line. The problem doesn’t seem to be either of those 2 things. The offensive line contained JJ Watt for much of the game allowing only one sack from the star DE. Richardson, has been doing great in pass protection while Herron is picking up most of the rushing yards and even had more carries. The problem seems to be the lack of help Lu

NFL Week 16 Injury Report: DeMarco Murray, T.Y. Hilton Both Question Marks

7:45 a.m.: One of the biggest games of the NFL’s Week 16 slate will be played in Dallas on Sunday, and two of the most important players might be watching from the sidelines.
The Cowboys will host the Indianapolis Colts in one of the afternoon’s late games, with running back DeMarco Murray questionable with a hand injury for the Cowboys, while Colts receiver T.Y. Hilton’s status is up in the air with a hamstring injury.
Murray practiced this week with extra padding on his broken left hand. He’s expected to give it a go, according to multiple reports. Of course, the big question will then center around how much he’s actually able to do.
The outlook for Hilton, on the other hand, is a little less optimistic. The wideout didn’t practice Friday, instead working with trainers on the side. Hamstring injuries are as nagging as they come, so fantasy football owners might want to look elsewhere for their championship matchups.
Elsewhere around the league, there are a handful of notable questionable offensi

Andrew Luck. Ladies’ Man? 

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is number one in women’s jersey sales (Photo: Michael Conroy/Associated Press)
As all women can tell you, there are guys you hang out with. There are guys you date. And there are guys you marry.
The same can be said for football players. There are players you cheer for. There are players you lust for. And there are players you commit to.
For female football fans, nothing says commitment like wearing a player’s jersey. It’s kind of like the old days, when a girl wore her boyfriend’s letter jacket or class ring. It sends a message: This is my guy. And I’m proud to show it.
Wearing a player’s jersey also sends a message to that player. You’re telling him he’s special. He’s more than just a one-week crush. You’re in it for the long haul. Good game or bad, you’re there for him. And you’re not giving up on him. Even if everyone else does.
I recently read that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has the top-selling women’s NFL jersey. And I can’t tell you I’m

Female Friday: This Indianapolis Colts fan went all out for breast cancer awareness

— Sexy NFL Fans (@SexyNFLFan) December 17, 2014

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Five most underpaid NFL players of 2014 season

When it comes to professional sports, most athletes are putting their money where their mouth is. And when it comes to the National Football League, some of these athletes simply aren’t getting paid up to the level of their performances.
Last week, we ran a piece on the five-most overpaid players in the NFL. In continuing with that theme, it made sense to look at the opposite end of the ledger.
Here are the five-most underpaid players in the league this season.
Le’Veon Bell, Running Back, Pittsburgh Steelers ($930 thousand) 

Before you break out Bell’s run-in with the law in the preseason, let me go over some numbers. The second-year running back has a total of 10 touchdowns this season, three of them alone coming against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this month. In addition to the touchdowns, Bell is averaging 91.3 rushing yards per game and has tallied over 2,000 total yards. He also leads all NFL running backs with 76 receptions.
His quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, even named him as an MVP

Game of the week: Indianapolis Colts vs. Dallas Cowboys

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It’s amazing how the media can affect our perceptions. On Sunday, the Andrew Luck and Tony Romo will play against each other for the first time. There are major playoff implications for both sides. If Dallas loses, it cedes control of the NFC East to Philadelphia. If Indianapolis loses, it potentially falls to the No. 4 seed and might therefore have to travel to New England in round two. This is, by any definition, a big game.
If narrative is to be believed, that means Luck and the Colts have a major advantage. Luck is, apparently, a winner. Romo, on the other hand, is a loser. This ignores something that, if you look closely enough, is pretty blatantly obvious: Tony Romo and Andrew Luck are largely the same player.
As players, both have pretty similar styles. They are both volume throwers who play a high-risk, high-reward style. In his three NFL seasons Luck has already thrown for more than 12,000 yards, an average of over 4,000 per year. Romo…

Colts FA’s: Should They Stay, or Should They Go?

Each year, teams are stricken with a group of their own impending free agents, and it forces them to make tough decisions. They decide to attempt to re-sign or cut ties with the players, some of which had become fixtures in the community or mainstays on the field.Often times, salary cap space dictates this for teams, the Indianapolis Colts being no different. They currently have an estimated $31,724, 674 in cap room for 2015 according to Over The Cap, but they have major contracts coming up, as well.This upcoming offseason, the Colts have 25 of these free agent decisions to make, and like it or not, they will not be able to bring all of them back.Now, we all know of the following group who we would hope the Colts would bring back, but it does not always work out that way. Below is the list of the Colts’ upcoming 2015 free agents and whether or not they are likely to be signed back or not. Re-signing 18 of their players is probably not likely, but these are players that make sense to be re-signed.QB Matt Has

Despite Vontae Davis’ star studded numbers he will likely not make the Pro Bowl

Vontae Davis is currently having the best season of his career.
Davis currently ranks fist in the NFL when opposing quarterbacks throw his way, allowing a passer rating of just 35.5. He has four interceptions on the year, and in in 65 targets has yet to allow a touchdown, tying him for first among corners with at least 40 targets.
Davis’s 43 percent completion is first in the league among corners with at least 40 passes thrown his way as well. Davis has allowed just 28 completions for 361 yards. Those numbers are astounding, and the fact that when Pro Bowl voting ending earlier this week Davis was not even in the top 10 among corners.
Maybe it is a name thing, with the likes of Richard Sherman, and Darrelle Revis getting all the attention, but Davis deserves the nod at the Pro Bowl as well. Hell, we should not only be talking about Davis in the Pro Bowl, but also he should be considered for All-Pro, that is how well he has played this season.
Pro Bowl or not, the Colts will need Dav…

Horseshoe Mailbag: What needs to improve before the playoffs?

The Indianapolis Colts have already punched their ticket to the playoffs by securing the AFC South last weekend. The Colts currently hold the number 3 seed in the AFC, and will play at least one home game.
The only way the Colts can secure a first round bye is if they win out, and either Denver or New England lose out. The Patriots have one tough test left in Buffalo in week 17, and this weekend they are at the Jets, while the Broncos finish out the year against the Bengals and Raiders.
It is unlikely that both team lose out and so the Colts must be prepared to play on the road in New England or Denver. The Colts lost to Peyton Manning and Tom Brady already this season, and a win over one of them in the playoffs will be a tough task. So what must the Colts improve on going forward.
The Colts have one of the best offenses in the league this season, and are currently third in total offense with 421 yards a game. The passing game has been the feature for the team this year as they are …