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Lions Haven’t Spoken To DL Haloti Ngata Regarding An Extension, But Plan To Do So

Lions GM Martin Mayhew told reporters on Friday that while there appears to be mutual interest between the team and DL Haloti Ngata regarding a contract extension, the two sides have yet to sit down and discuss anything. “I think they know that we have an interest in doing something and I think that we know …
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Lions GM looks forward to talking with James Ihedigbo, but ok with him skipping workouts

Detroit Lions safety James Ihedigbo was the lone player absent from the team’s start to voluntary workouts this week, but general manager Martin Mayhew says he isn’t too concerned with the news that James is looking for a new contract.

“I look forward to talking with James,” Mayhew told ESPN. “I understand what he’s going through. I’ve been through that myself as a player, when I felt that a time in my career that I was underpaid and I had to deal with that.

“So I have empathy for him. I understand what he’s going through and I look forward to sitting down and talking with him. I have great respect for him as a player, as a man. I’ve gotten to know him a little bit away from football and I understand how he feels.”

Lions pick up Rieff’s Fifth Year Option

Detroit Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew announced today during his pre-draft press conference that the club will pick up Offensive Tackle Riley Rieff’s fifth year option on is rookie contract, keeping him in Detroit for the 2016 season. Mayhew mentioned that they haven’t filed the paperwork just yet, but would be getting around to that shortly.
Rieff’s option will mean he will make just over eight million dollars for the 2016 season. In comparison, Rieff will make a base salary of $1.155 million dollars and a roster bonus of $325,000 during the 2015 season making his total cap hit $2.543 million when you factor in his signing bonus. The eight million dollar salary is only guaranteed for injury, meaning if his play declines so badly, they can release him without owing money, assuming it isn’t attributed to injury.
The one interesting tidbit about Mayhew’s press conference concerning Rieff’s future position. Mayhew mentioned he was “comfortable” with Rieff at either Right Tackle …

You won’t believe what Detroit Lions WR Golden Tate said on Twitter last night

Right or not, Detroit Lions wide receiver Golden Tate has a reputation as being a bit of a ladies’ man. Maybe it’s because of the rumors about him and Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson’s ex-wife.
Maybe it’s because when TMZ catches him out on the town he’s surrounded by gorgeous women.
Whatever the case, Tate seems to have some not-so-great ideas about the fairer sex…
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Here’s what Tate wrote on Twitter last night, per Black Sports Online:

Tate has since deleted the tweets and then tried to backtrack:

Lemme stop before I’m misinterpreted
— Golden Tate (@ShowtimeTate) April 24, 2015

I think before anything is publicized either party is accused of anything the situation and facts should be thoroughly examined.
— Golden Tate (@ShowtimeTate) April 24, 2015

So that sounds a bit ominous.
This could mean Tate is ex

Lions Have Spoken To LB DeAndre Levy’s Agent About Contract Extension

Lions GM Martin Mayhew told reporters on Friday that he has spoken to LB DeAndre Levy‘s representatives regarding a contract extension, per Tim Twentyman. Levy, 28, is coming off of a breakout season for Detroit is, arguably, the Lions best defensive player now that they’ve lost DT Ndamukong Suh to the Dolphins. He still has another year remaining …
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Lions Picking Up LT Riley Reiff’s Fifth-Year Option

Lions GM Martin Mayhew announced Friday that they will pick up LT Riley Reiff‘s fifth-year option before the May 3 deadline, per Kyle Meinke. Mayhew added that he’s very comfortable with Reiff playing left tackle for them moving forward and considers him to be a very good player, per Tim Twentyman. This move will cost the Lions $8.07 million …
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Glover Quin makes a bold prediction about the Detroit Lions schedule

Expectations will be high for the Detroit Lions in 2015 after their strong run to the playoffs last season. Some might say a little too high.
Take safety Glover Quin for example, despite knowing that his team lost Reggie Bush, Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh, he thinks that the Lions are going to roll over the competition in the first half of the season…
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Safety Quin on Lions’ schedule: We’ll start 7-1 #NFL #News #Rumors #SportsTwo
— SportsTwoNFL (@Sports2NFL) April 22, 2015

In fact over the first eight games the only loss he expects will be in Seattle against the Seahawks. per Michael Rothstein of ESPN:
“While Quin didn’t break down the entire schedule Wednesday afternoon during a news conference, he did go through the first half and his thoughts? The Lions should be 7-1 heading into their bye.The only game Quin marked as a loss was a Mo

Detroit Lions Draft Primer: Offensive needs

Since an explosive 2011 season, the Lion’s offense, mirroring it’s quarterback, has seen a steady regression and leveling out as a middle of the pack group averaging just 20.1 points per game last season, ranking 22nd in the NFL. Teryl Austin’s defense carried Detroit to the playoffs in 2014, partially masking an offense that struggled to run the ball, score the ball, and keep the ball. These things are important. Here’s where we start.
Positions of Need

1. Left tackle / Left guard
Those are two different things, I know, but Riley Reiff’s versatility is the key here. He can remain at left tackle, slide inside to left guard, or even move to right tackle. As of now, the Lions desperately need a starting left guard. Whether that’ll be Reiff, a rookie, or a veteran free agent is anyone’s guess. Finding a starting left tackle in this draft would most likely require a first or second round pick, whereas a starting caliber left guard is a little easier to come by in the second or third round (W

2015 Draft: Detroit Lions Second Round Options

The Detroit Lions are a solid defensive team, but they still have some defensive needs. Of course, Suh left for the Dolphins and was replaced with Haloti Ngata, so there is a bit of a hole in the defensive line. The Lions secondary seems to always have needs as well, so let’s put some names to these needs.Jordan Phillips is a massive nose tackle from Oklahoma has been all over the mock draft boards. If he is available at 54, he could be the next Suh if he plays to his potential. With his massive 6’5″ frame Phillips is great at taking up space to free up linebackers for pass rushing. He is also surprisingly athletic for a 330 pound man, possessing pursuit speed of a man much lighter. Phillips has as much upside as any DL in the draft.Another option at defensive tackle would be Michael Bennett from Ohio State. Bennett is more of an athletic tackle, who uses spin moves and his violent and massive hands to elude blockers and get penetration into the backfield. His technique is phenomenal. He is able to make angle

Drew Brees says Detroit Lions quarterback Matt Stafford is better than him

There’s no doubting that Matthew Stafford of the Detroit Lions is a talented quarterback, but I don’t think many people would rank him ahead of Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints.
One exception to the rule is Brees himself…
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Josh Katzenstein of the Detroit News quotes Brees as saying Stafford is more talented than him:

Drew Brees Complimentary of Matthew Stafford #DetroitLions #Lions
— Lions Report (@lions_fanly) April 21, 2015

“On Sunday, Brees showered some praise on quarterback Matthew Stafford, the man with the keys to Lombardi’s offense. “He’s a lot more talented thrower than I am,” Brees said. ‘I’m serious, the dude can sling it.‘”
Wow. You can read the full report here.
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Matthew Stafford says he ‘survived’ his honeymoon

Detroit Lions’ quarterback Matthew Stafford recently married his long-time college girlfriend Kelly Hall. One of the many honeymoon things that Stafford can actually talk about publicly is his first time trying out skydiving.
Why not? If New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady can make a terrifying jump off of a cliff in Costa Rica, then Stafford could certainly jump off of a plane in New Zealand.
Game on.

Detroit Lions QB Matthew Stafford went skydiving in New Zealand on his honeymoon. Detro…
— NFL (@NFLsportsgroup) April 13, 2015

When asked if he came up with the skydiving idea and to describe the overall experience, Stafford reported this via David Dye of Fox News:

Hell no. I couldn’t let her do it, and not myself do it.
It was a blast. I thought I was going to be really scared. I wasn’t too scared. Free-falling for a full minute was pretty cool.

Summing up the trip, Stafford said:

Fun honeymoon. Survived it, whic

Detroit Lions 2015 Regular Season Schedule

Here’s the first look at The Detroit Lions’ regular season schedule. Notably it looks like Detroit has two Monday night games, two Thursday night games (including Thanksgiving) plus a Sunday night game on NBC.
Week 1
Sun, Sep 13
@ San Diego
4:05 PM FOX

Week 2
Sun, Sep 20
@ Minnesota
1:00 PM FOX

Week 3
Sun, Sep 27
vs Denver
8:30 PM NBC

Week 4
Mon, Oct 5
@ Seattle
8:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN

Week 5
Sun, Oct 11
vs Arizona
4:05 PM FOX

Week 6
Sun, Oct 18
vs Chicago
1:00 PM FOX

Week 7
Sun, Oct 25
vs Minnesota
1:00 PM FOX

Week 8
Sun, Nov 1
@Kansas City
9:30 AM FOX

Week 10
Sun, Nov 15
@ Green Bay
1:00 PM FOX

Week 11
Sun, Nov 22
vs Oakland
1:00 PM CBS

Week 12
Thu, Nov 26
vs Philadelphia
12:30 PM FOX

Week 13
Thu, Dec 3
vs Green Bay
8:25 PM

Week 14
Sun, Dec 13
@ St. Louis
1:00 PM

Week 15
Mon, Dec 21
@ New Orleans
8:30 PM ESPN/WatchESPN

Week 16
Sun, Dec 27
vs San Francisco
1:00 PM FOX

Week 17
Sun, Jan 3
@ Chicago
1:00 PM

2015 NFL Draft preview: NFC North

The NFC North is in a transition phase—or at least three of its four teams are. The Minnesota Vikings are gearing up for a second season with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater and head coach Mike Zimmer, a year that will provide important clues about how both men’s careers will play out. The Chicago Bears are retooling under new head coach John Fox, going so far as to switch from their longtime 4-3 defensive base to a 3-4 under coordinator Wade Phillips. Quarterback Jay Cutler remains, as do the questions surrounding whether he’s tapped all the potential he possesses—and he’ll have to prove doubters wrong without wide receiver Brandon Marshall, whom the Bears traded to the New York Jets in March.
The Detroit Lions are preparing for life without Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley on the defensive line. These two subtractions were mitigated somewhat when the team acquired Haloti Ngata from the Baltimore Ravens, but Detroit’s front seven is still far less intimidating than it was a year ago. The only team

Detroit Lions offensive lineman offers the most ill-timed quote of the year

It’s a good thing to have an eager attitude when looking towards the next season.
For example, Detroit Lions offensive lineman Larry Warford told Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press yesterday that the unit is looking to whoop somebody’s ass next year:
“The biggest thing is we tried to break everything down, we tried to focus on a bunch of stuff at once, down to the smallest detail. With offensive line play, that’s cool but at the end of the day you have to whoop somebody’s ass and we weren’t necessarily being the players that we were trained to be from the start…”
The only problem is thanks to today’s news, Warford’s timing turned out to be a little bit unfortunate…
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According to a report released by Ashley Dunkak of CBS Detroit, the Lions have released guard Rodney Austin after he was charged with assaulting a

Detroit Lions Release Guard Rodney Austin After Arrest for Assaulting Woman and Young Child

Chances are the NFL dream is going to be over for Rodney Austin following his release by the Detroit Lions Tuesday morning. Austin had spent most of the last three seasons on the practice squad for the Lions playing in just one game in 2013, but as long as you are still on the team there is always a chance for the dream to come to fruition.However, no one is going to want to sign a player that has been arrested for assaulting a woman and for assaulting a child under the age of 12.via TwitterRead more »