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Matt Stafford’s Fiance Slams Detroit Sun Times Article Trolling Her Husband

Matt Stafford’s wife, Kelly Hall, is not one to back down from protecting her man and she was back at it again over the weekend. Kelly took to Instagram to address an article (we use that term loosely) in the Detroit Sun Times which was titled: “Once again, Matt Stafford could learn a thing or
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Detroit Lions 2015 draft order

The Detroit Lions have six picks to play with when the 2015 NFL Draft begins on April 30th in Chicago.

(Note, per ESPN: Due to the the change in the compensatory picks by the NFL, the Lions now have pick No. 200 instead of pick No. 199.)

Breakdown of Lions’ 2015 selection:

First round: 23rd overall selection

Second round: 54th overall selection

Third round: 88th overall selection

Fourth round: None (traded to Baltimore)

Fifth round: None (traded to Baltimore)

Sixth round: 200th overall selection

Seventh round: 231st overall selection

Seventh round: 240th overall selection

Caldwell on Reggie Bush: ‘It didn’t work out’

It seems like an ongoing theme with the Lions are things not working out with are particular player. Ironically, that was the message head coach Jim Caldwell was relaying to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press when talking about Reggie Bush’s time in Detroit and his subsequent release this offseason.

“I think oftentimes you’ll find that there are going to be some adjustments here and there that you make that when you look at your team and make a determination on your personnel, what you think is best,” Caldwell said, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press.
“Sometimes you got to let some guys go, and sometimes you try to make certain you keep certain guys if you can. But it’s not always the case, and in that particular case it didn’t work out. So we look to do other things.”

After a promising first year with the Lions, Bush rushed for just 297 yards in a 2014 season that was also hampered by injury. Ultimately the Lions saved around $1.7M with Bush’s release who wa…

Jason Garrett: League should’ve changed so-called ‘Calvin Johnson rule’

At the annual NFL winter meetings in Arizona, the league’s competition spent considerable time going over exactly what is and isn’t a catch – spawned in part by the most recent example of Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant’s TD catch in the payoffs against Green Bay that was overturned and ruled incomplete.

The rule, named after a similar ruling involving the Lions’ Calvin Johnson back in 2010 against the Chicago Bears, didn’t get changed at the meetings - unless you consider the vague language of the ruling where a receiver has to make a “football move” being changed to a WR having to “establish himself as a runner,” is a adequate revision.

One man involved at the heart of it in the playoffs last season, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett thinks the league made a big mistake in not addressing and tweaking the rule.

“I do think this play belongs in the game. I do think we want Calvin Johnson’s play and Dez Bryant’s play to be catches in our league,” Garrett said, accord…

Detroit Lions losing Ndamukong Suh ranked the worst free agent loss so far

While it will save them a boatload of money over the long run, losing Ndamukong Suh in free agency to the Miami Dolphins is definitely going to hurt the Detroit Lions on the field.
In fact, some people think that it’s the biggest free agent loss we’ve seen this offseason so far…
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Writing for Pro Football Focus, Kevin Connaghan says that no team has suffered a more severe blow than the Lions when they lost Suh:

New Miami Dolphins DT @NdamukongSuh says he’s going back to No. 93 — his college number »
— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) March 21, 2015

“It’s exceedingly rare that an elite talent such as Ndamukong Suh hits the open market. Over the past three seasons only three interior defensive linemen have exceeded Suh’s +75.5 cumulative overall grade; and only one of those (Gerald McCoy) has bettered Suh’

Lions plan to run the ball much more next season

The Detroit Lions developed a reputation for being a passing team the past few seasons, but head coach Jim Caldwell says we should expect to see changes for the upcoming season. Caldwell said at the NFL owners meetings Wednesday that he plans to have more balance on offense. “When I tell you that we’re not…Read More

Do the Seattle Seahawks regret letting the Detroit Lions get Golden Tate?

One of the most underrated moves last offseason came when the Detroit Lions signed wide receiver and irrepressible ladies man Golden Tate to a five-year contract with $16 million guaranteed.
It came as somewhat of a surprise to fans of the Seattle Seahawks, who watched Tate make big contributions during their Super Bowl run the previous season. Tate even said at one point that he would take a paycut to stay in Seattle…
Ultimately Detroit’s offer was too good to refuse and Tate took the money and ran…
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Since then the Seahawks have had some wide receiver problems, to put it lightly.
Do they regret letting Tate walk? It sure sounds like it from this interview.

Seahawks GM John Schneider said Golden Tate is “like a little brother to me” and explains why he let the WR leave
— Josh Katzenstein (@jkatzenstein) March 26, 2015


Report: The Detroit Lions deny they have any interest in running back Ray Rice

With Reggie Bush now out of the picture the Detroit Lions must find a suitable replacement at running back. One name that has been floated around as a possible answer is Ray Rice, who has connections to Teryl Austin and Jim Caldwell.
Haloti Ngata for one thinks it would be a great idea to bring Rice on board:

Haloti Ngata would welcome ‘great community guy’ Ray Rice to the Detroit Lions.
— theScore (@theScore) March 14, 2015

However, today at the NFL owners meetings Caldwell denied that the Lions had any interest…
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Here’s the scoop from Michael Rothstein of ESPN:
“Lions coach Jim Caldwell told reporters at the owners meetings in Arizona on Wednesday that the franchise would likely not be looking at the 28-year-old who didn’t play last season after being suspended by the NFL.

Eric Ebron Gifts Matthew Stafford Slick Looking Air Jordans for Wedding Present

It looks like Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron may be attempting to start a trend here. Instead of buying Matthew Stafford and his soon-to-be wife some lame wedding present that will collect dust in their kitchen pantry, the young man decided to go all out for his gift to the two.
And by all out, we mean all out.

Yes, those are matching pairs of custom made Air Jordan shoes for the couple. Not only is this gift unique, it also fits the cute couple quite well.
The two seem to enjoy playing some pick-up basketball in their free time.

Fortunately for Stafford’s soon-to-be wife, Kelly Hall, she won’t have to wear those sneakers to their next game.
Stafford and Hall are slated to get married April 4th. But don’t worry, we are pretty sure they won’t be wearing Ebron’s gifts to the wedding.
Photo: USA Today
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Detroit Lions Draft Needs: Defensive Tackle

Defensive tackle is considered to be one of the most important positions in the NFL. The battle at the line of scrimmage can determine the outcome of an entire game. Last season the Lions had a tremendous defensive line that was able to pressure the quarterback, and stop the run. Their defensive line was so good, the Lions had the best rushing defense in the league.
However, some recent events have transpired to substantially weaken that part of the Lions roster. If they want to compete at a high level again next year, they will have to start acquiring talent at the defensive tackle position this off-season, and that is why my number 2 draft need for the Detroit Lions this year, is a defensive tackle.
Why There is a Need
The Detroit Lions recently lost their best defensive player Ndamukong Suh through free agency. Suh is considered the best defensive tackle in the NFL. He could play almost every snap of the game, and bust up plays before they even took shape. Also, he made everyone else on the defense bette

Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron gave Matt Stafford’s wife the best wedding gift ever

Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford is a lucky guy. Not only is he one of the NFL’s wealthiest players but he has a beautiful wife named Kelly Hall. Yesterday tight end Eric Ebron gave Mrs. Stafford an awesome wedding gift: a customized pair of Jordans:

If you thought those will be just for show you thought wrong. Watch Kelly sink this trick shot with her foot:

Bringing back the old soccer skills… @lacygilbert would be proud! #victorydance #footfreethrow #happyholidays
A video posted by Kelly Hall (@kbhall82) on Dec 23, 2014 at 9:07am PST

Some guys have all the luck.
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2015 NFL Mock Draft: Picks 21-32

In the final installment of my first 2015 NFL mock draft, I go through the final 12 picks of the first round. The Detroit Lions trade down three times, and two teams trade back into the first round.
21. Miami Dolphins: Eddie Goldman
Eddie Goldman, DT at Florida State University, is selected 21st overall by the Miami Dolphins in my first 2015 NFL mock draft.
With the addition of Ndamukong Suh this pick may seem like a bit of a luxury, but in order to fully utilize Suh’s talent he needs to be on a line with other strong contributors. Goldman would be a strong candidate to take advantage of the one-on-one opportunities that playing next to Suh would provide. The Lions showed the advantage of having a dominate line. The Dolphins would be wise to follow that same path.
22. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jalen Collins
The Steelers need someone who can enhance their secondary. Collins versatility, he can play corner or safety, should be an amazing asset for their defense. Devin McCourtey proved that corners can succe

Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall get custom Jordans as wedding gift

Kelly Hall, fiancée of Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, recently enjoyed her bachelorette party in Las Vegas, which means the wedding is just around the corner. Before the two tie the knot, they will be the recipients of numerous gifts. One Monday, Hall shared one from one of Stafford’s teammates. Eric Ebron gave the happy couple…Read More

Mayhew thinks the Lions might win in the long-term financially without a Suh deal

With the Lions still on the hook for roughly $9.7M of Suh cap space this upcoming season Martin Mayhew and the rest of the Lions front office continued to pick up the pieces in the wake of their All-Pro defensive tackle getting way and signing in South Beach. Monday’s angle was telling Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press that the team would be financially better off without Suh’s large contract on the books.
Via NBC Sports:
“I think in the long term, I think we’re going to be glad we don’t have that contracton our books,” Mayhew said, according to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press. “But in the short term, that’s an issue.”
Sun’s deal with Miami was for approximately $60M in guaranteed money which is the largest sum of promised cash to player that isn’t a quarterback in the NFL. And yes, no matter how some Lions fans want to break it down the team will be better off without Ndamukong Suh.
But don’t let Mayhew and the rest of the Lions inept front office fool you.
The Lions ar

Eric Ebron buys Matthew Stafford and Kelly Hall his and hers wedding Jordans (PHOTO)

Lions second year tight end Eric Ebron will earn the “Most Creative Gift” award for the upcoming Matthew Stafford-Kelly Hall wedding – his and hers wedding Michael Jordan brand sneakers.
Based off the Jordan 11s, they’re embroidered with Mr. and Mrs. Stafford.  What do you get someone who has (or can have) everything?  A custom set of Jordans.  Because sure, why the heck not?
Mr. and Mrs. Detroit will be married on April 4th.
Instagram – @kbhall82
Instagram – @kbhall82