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5 Keys For Bears To Rebuild the Defense In One Off-Season

Fans are prepared for a long process towards getting another shot at a championship, but one thing they’d love to see done regarding the Chicago Bears is the return to playing great defense.  Back-to-back years of historic awfulness under the Marc Trestman regime can do that.
There is no question the presence of head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio will help the process, but if the team wants to regain its pride and respect in one off-season then they need to fulfill five requirements.
They are as follows.
Decent Building Blocks

Does anybody really think the Legion of Boom just fell out of the sky in one year.  No.  Pete Carroll and John Schneider needed a good base to start from.  When they both arrived the team already had names like Chris Clemons, Brandon Mebane and Red Bryant already on the roster.  None of them stars but all of them major pieces up front that set the tone for what was to come.
The Bears defense as it is doesn’t inspire much, but there are some key componen

The Chicago Bears have to grab this d-lineman in free agency

In a league where the rules are heavily tilted in the favor of the offense, there aren’t a lot of ways for the defense to fight back. All too often, their role in a game is to slow down the bleeding, not stop it. Dominating on that side of the ball has become more and more rare.
But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In fact, we’ve seen a few examples in recent years where a very good defense was able to beat the best offense the NFL has to offer. The Giants did it in 2009 when they knocked off the previously unbeaten Patriots in the Super Bowl and the Seahawks did the same thing a year ago when they topped the greatest offense in league history in Super Bowl XLVIII.
How did they do it? By putting pressure on the quarterback.
The best passers in the league, like Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, become very ordinary when they have defenders in their face and at their feet. Thus, a pass rush is the best way to stop a great offense.
How can a team generate one? Well, they can blitz, but that’s a gimmick t

Jay Cutler Excuses vs. Facts

The Jay Cutler situation in Chicago has damn near divided the city. Half of the fans think he has all the tools to be great, the other half feels he’s run out of time. This post will focus on providing factual information behind Cutler’s career. There are so many misconceptions about him so we are going to do our best to ‘clear the air.’
Pre-requisites before reading this post:

Sports Mockery is made up of Chicago Bears fans, some are Jay Cutler fans others aren’t. This is not a reflection of what the site thinks, it’s a reflection of what fans are saying in response to our posts.
Try to be objective while reading this, whichever side of the fence you fall on.
People may think this article is “bashing” Cutler, it’s simply providing facts.  That’s all.
Here we go.
Excuse – “It was Marc Trestman’s fault Jay didn’t succeed in Chicago the last two years.”
Fact – Cutler has his best season as a pro under Trestman in 2013, it was still only a 89 QB rating.

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Bears sign veteran TE Zach Miller to one-year deal

According to the Chicago Bears Twitter account, the Bears have signed tight end Zach Miller to a one-year deal.
Miller was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent and while the 30-year old pass catcher spent the entire 2014 season on injured reserve, he’s still a viable option within the offense.

#Bears have signed TE Zach Miller to one-year extension. Miller spent ’14 season on IR.
— Chicago Bears (@ChicagoBears) February 27, 2015


Report: Colts targeting Brandon Marshall

Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was ultimately unsuccessful in trying to bounce back from a torn ACL last season. Considering he is 36, that did not come as a surprise. Now, retirement is a legitimate possibility for the 14-year veteran. And even if Wayne doesn’t retire, Bleacher Report’s Jason Cole reports that the Colts…Read More

Jon Gruden: Bears need to move on from Jay Cutler

The Chicago Bears have yet to decide if they will stick with Jay Cutler for the 2015 season, but former NFL coach and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden does not think the decision should be all that difficult. Gruden believes Cutler has to go. During an appearance on “Mike and Mike” on Thursday, Gruden said…Read More

Chicago Bears Fans Split On Reggie Bush

The Detroit Lions recently released former Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush, even though the trophy got taken away from him he still has a lot of talent. In his nine NFL seasons, he never made a Pro Bowl but has showed an incredibly amount of speed and elusiveness when he touches the ball.
Some career stats on Bush:

4.3 yards per carry
466 career receptions
53 touchdowns
Last season, Bush averaged 3.9 yards per carry and 6.3 yards per reception. Since his release, Chicago fans have been discussing the possibility of the Bears pursuing his services. In a recent poll, with over 2,000 votes from Illinois, Bears fans seem to be split on the decision.

With the recent questions surrounding Matt Forte’s future in Chicago, and the need for somebody with talent to back him up – should Chicago kick the tires on the former Trojan?
Considering he’s very similar to Forte when it comes to running style and pass catching ability, my initial reaction would be no. Chicago needs more of a power back to compliment Fort

Jon Gruden says it’s time for the Chicago Bears to move on without Jay Cutler

Former NFL head coach, quarterback guru and current ESPN analyst Jon Gruden says that the Chicago Bears need to move on without Jay Cutler.

Jon Gruden says it’s time for the #Bears to move on from Jay Cutler.
— Sun-Times Sports (@suntimes_sports) February 26, 2015

According to a report by Michael C. Wright, here’s what Gruden said when he was on the air with Mike & Mike earlier today:
“I think John Fox is going to look at the body of work. They’re going to see that he didn’t get it done really with Lovie Smith or Marc Trestman, and now I’m the next head coach. I think you need to give some other people an opportunity to play. I think some of these quarterbacks get too many chances. There are good enough players out there that deserve a chance to be the quarterback of the Chicago Bears…”
Cutler has become the most polarizing figure in recent Chicago sports history…
First and 10: Ten teams that should trade for Adrian Pe

Gruden: Chicago Needs A New Leader, Time For Cutler To Go

There is no shortage of fans, coaches, experts and analysts who are critical of quarterback Jay Cutler.  Despite reasonable numbers over the course of his career, to date he has not earned the amount of money and trust invested in him by both the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears franchises.  Still, there are those out there who feel even after all the disappointment he must be kept in place, if for no better reason than he is a better option than some others out there.
Jon Gruden, however, former Super Bowl-winning head coach and now commentor for Monday Night Football, believes the Bears and its fans have been patient long enough.  Cutler has received every opportunity and then some and wasted them.
“I think John Fox is going to look at the body of work. They’re going to see that he didn’t get it done really with Lovie Smith or Marc Trestman, and now I’m the next head coach. I think you need to give some other people an opportunity to play. I think some of these quarterbacks get too many chances.

Jay Cutler Trade Watch Must Focus On These Teams

Mark the calendars, folks.  March 12th is fast approaching.  Not only will that be the height of NFL free agency time, it’s also the deadline for when the Chicago Bears can decide to do something with quarterback Jay Cutler.  Otherwise a clause in his contract will kick in and they’ll be on the hook for another $10 million guaranteed.
So if they plan to cut him or more realistically execute a trade with another team, it is going to happen within the next three weeks.  Here are the principal organizations to watch as the clock ticks down who have the means and motivation for such a move.
Tennessee Titans

Reasons They Would Have Interest:

Jake Locker is a free agent
Zach Mettenberger was a 6th round pick
Ken Whisenhunt prefers veteran quarterbacks
Cutler has a home in Nashville already
He went to school at Vanderbilt
If there is a perfect situation out there, then the Tennessee Titans would have to be it.  They have the need for a quarterback, the money to pay that hefty contract Cutler has and a

Meet Martellus Bennett’s Wife, Siggi Walker-Bennett

The ‘black unicorn’, Martellus Bennett, has made quite a name for himself in Chicago since joining the Bears in 2013. His wife, Siggi, is a make artist who will be launching a company soon called “Brush By Siggi”. They are also the proud parents of a little girl named Austyn Jett Bennett.
From Oakland, Siggi often shares a lot photos on social media for the world to see. According to, Bennett met his lovely wife at an after party while listening to some Usher beats. She is “very intelligent, outgoing, funny, stylish, and a caretaker,” according to Bennett. Not only that, but she’s pretty darn good looking too. Based on her photos, she appears to be very classy and has a phenomenal sense of style.
You can follow her @SiggiB on Instagram.
Here are a few photos of Siggi, past and present.

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Chicago Bears legends Jim McMahon and Dan Hampton go to war over Jay Cutler

Former Chicago Bears defensive lineman Dan Hampton was critical of his old team all season, but last month when he was on the air with Artie Lange he went out of his way to praise quarterback Jay Cutler:
“I would have gave anything to have him on our team… You give us Jay Cutler back in our day, not only do we win five Super Bowls in a row, but we don’t lose a game. Mark that down. If we had Jay Cutler – forget the Super Bowl: We don’t lose a game.”
Yesterday Hampton’s old quarterback teammate Jim McMahon fired back on Twitter:

@ChrisDeLuca ha I think he shld go bck & play he’s got a lot to say get mayb he shld coach cutler lmai
— Jim McMahon (@JimMcMahon) February 24, 2015

I’m assuming that McMahon meant to type “lmao” at the end there. He’s earned the benefit of the doubt.
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In any case, I think Hampton has a point about Cu

Patrick Willis For Brandon Marshall Trade Rumors Are Intriguing

Just going to get right to the point…
The Chicago Bears have openly discussed the possibility of cutting/trading Brandon Marshall, it’s pretty much common knowledge. No indications of it definitely happening one way or another, but it’s safe to say Chicago is “looking at it very closely” and fielding offers.
San Francisco’s inside linebacker situation is worth watching. The 49ers may have too many inside linebackers, thanks to rookie Chris Borland’s emergence while All-Pros NaVorro Bowman and Patrick Willis were injured.
The Bears recently hired Vic Fangio, former San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator and he is rumored to have a very close relationship with Willis. CBS first discussed the possibility of Fangio lobbying for Willis to Chicago back in January.
Fangio would likely push for Pace to acquire one of his former inside linebackers if San Francisco is open to dealing one of the All-Pros. (CBS)
Why San Francisco Would Do It

In the last four seasons, Willis has missed 15 games for Sa

Bears Could Trade Cutler If Good Veteran Option Becomes Available

At first glance the interest in Josh McCown by the Chicago Bears felt like merely the intent of a family reunion with the team wanting to bring back a great locker room presence that was clearly missed in 2014.  However, according to certain sources there may be a deeper reasoning behind that interest.

3. My read on Cutler situation is Pace wants to see if a trade market develops for him, and/or if a suitable vet QB option for Bears exists.
— Dan Pompei (@danpompei) February 19, 2015

Many have wondered why GM Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox have been reluctant to throw their support behind quarterback Jay Cutler the past few times they’ve been asked, and this scenario would certainly explain why.  Trading Cutler, if that is indeed the plan for Pace would be the most beneficial route towards getting out from under his $15.5 million of guaranteed money for this coming season.
The problems that arise are two-fold.  As stated above there has to be a market for him and in the case of the Bears themselv

Here Is Why The Bears Want Kyle Long At Tackle

One of the players who has drawn some attention this off-season not named Cutler or Marshall has been Pro Bowl right guard Kyle Long.  The reasoning for that is not any sort of controversy.  It has to do with his future on the Bears offensive line, specifically whether he will be moved from the inside out to tackle.  GM Ryan Pace referenced it during the scouting combine, leading to discussions about whether such a move is warranted.

#Bears GM Ryan Pace: Pro Bowl guard @Ky1eLong has the skills, athleticism to play tackle:
— Adam Jahns (@adamjahns) February 19, 2015

Some feel it’s not since he’s already a proven commodity at guard while others believe he was always meant for the outside.  So with that in mind, here are some reasons for Chicago to consider making the move.
He Is Built For It

Before he was even a member of the Bears, scouts were saying that he projected best at tackle.  Not only was he big, but it was his great length and freakish athleticism that made suc