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5 (Or More) Reasons The Chicago Bears Must Throw Money At Ndamukong Suh

Fans may hate Ndamukong Suh right now, but here is a small list of the many reasons why the Chicago Bears need him in navy and orange.
He’s REALLY Good
Yeah, let’s just start with the obvious.  Suh is a great player.  His sack number (4) isn’t the highest in the NFL but that is highly misleading.  He has 29 quarterback pressures and eight hits according to Pro Football Focus and holds a rating of +27.6, which is the highest in the league.  On top of that, he is equally dominant at stopping the run.  Regardless of his past history, all signs point to him having matured both on and off the field into a well-rounded, almost unblockable player.

He Gives The Defense An Attitude and Identity

When asked to describe what makes Suh so great, Bears left guard Matt Slauson, who played with him at Nebraska said it was his violent hands and high motor.  Indeed Suh is one of the most athl

Willie Young Calls “Frustrated” Chicago Bears Wimpy

After narrowly missing the playoffs in 2013, everybody on the Chicago Bears believed 2014 would be their year.  And why not?  A productive off-season had brought some fresh talent to relieve a beleaguered defense and the offense was entering the second year of scheme development after setting records in its first under Marc Trestman.
Instead the team has stumbled to a 5-7 mark, all but eliminated themselves from the playoff picture and been left wondering what in the world went wrong with a season that held so much promise.  If there was one emotion that has boiled over in the locker room over the past few weeks, it would most definitely be frustration.
Frustration over undisciplined play.
Frustration over injuries.
Worst of all, frustration over losing.
However, defensive end Willie Young doesn’t want to hear any of that.  The 28-year old veteran arrived via free agency with hope of taking his play to the next level and finally reaching the postseason.  He more than anybody understands the pain of los

Photo: This Meme will cheer up sad Bears fans

The Chicago Bears dropped a Thanksgiving match, 34-17 to the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Jay Cutler struggled again with two interceptions, and the Bears are done for the playoffs at 5-7.
Not to worry, this photo will make your day, Bears fans:

A summary of today’s Bears-Lions game..
— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) November 27, 2014

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Photo: This Meme will cheer up sad Bears fans
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Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery draws first blood on the Detroit Lions

The Chicago Bears drew first blood on Thanksgiving, thanks to wide receiver Alshon Jeffery.
Jeffery has already scored two touchdowns on the Detroit Lions in today’s game and the first quarter hasn’t even ended. Here’s the first:

And then just a few minutes ago Jeffery caught an amazing throw by Jay Cutler in the end zone.
The Bears lead 14-3 and the Lions are in danger of experiencing another Thanksgiving letdown. They have lost nine of their last ten games on the holiday.
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Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions: 2014 Week 13 NFL Pick

Chicago Bears (4-7) at Detroit Lions (7-4)
The Lions are in a nice spot here, after a very tough and unrewarding road trip that sent them to Arizona and New England, who are a combined 18-4. Teams that lose back-to-back road games are 43-25 ATS in their next game as long as they still have a winning record and they’re home favorites. It makes sense. Any team that is able to lose two road games and still have a winning record and be favored at home was probably pretty good to begin with and may be undervalued off of those two losses. It’s a nice bounce back spot for the Lions.
While the Lions are coming off of a very challenging stretch, they’re about to start a very easy stretch as they host the Bears, the Buccaneers, and the Vikings in consecutive weeks. They’ll be very focused to get back on track this week and teams are 61-47 ATS as home favorites before being home favorites again in their next two weeks. On top of that, they could be double digit home favorites next week against…

Turkey day in Detroit: Bears feast or famine?

With their modest two-game win streak in tow, the Chicago Bears (5-6) look to get to the .500 mark with a Thanskgiving Day matinee in Detroit (7-4) with the slumping Lions. Despite two unimpressive wins against NFC bottom feeders in Minnesota and Tampa Bay, the Bears could insert themselves into the NFC playoff conversation if they can upset the Lions. Chicago’s slow [...]

Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler’s very compelling newest quarterback ranking

Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.
Twelve weeks into the 2014 season, here’s how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out:
1. Tom Brady – He’s leading a team that is dismantling division leaders on a weekly basis; nobody is playing better right now. (LW: 1)
2. Aaron Rodgers - His performance at Minnesota wasn’t a thing of beauty, but the Packers won; that’s all that matters. (LW: 2)
3. Peyton Manning – A week after being held to seven points, Manning’s offense put up 39 on one of the NFL’s best defenses. (LW: 3)
4. Tony Romo – A game-winning drive in the final three minutes on the road in front of a national TV audience. What else would

Jared Allen Ripped For Dumbass Postgame Quote

Chicago Bears Football – Did you hear how Jared Allen described the Chicago Bears victory on Sunday? Apparently he’s been spending a little too much time in his blind this deer season.
When asked in an interview how he thinks the Chicago Bears did against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, this is what Jared Allen had to say:
“we won in convincing fashion.’’
Is this some kind of joke? Was Allen still high from huffing deer blood before the game?
First off, the Chicago Bears were losing 10-0 at halftime.
Second, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had almost twice (367) the yardage of the Chicago Bears (204).
Third, the game came down to the last series.
Fourth, Pro Football Focus indicates the Tampa game was Allen’s worst run defensive effort this year (tied with Week 7).
One could easily keep going, but the man who proudly wears #69 is probably well aware of how dumb his comment was by now.
Advice for Jared.
Next time somebody asks you about a game simply respond “Wine ‘em, Dine ‘em, 69 ‘em.”
The Chicago Tri

Fantasy Fallout: NFL Week 12


Josh McCown

Jay Cutler

Andy Dalton

I hate when people don’t do what their supposed to do. How
can you have a matchup with two of the worst pass defenses in the NFL and the
QBs COMBINE for TWO total touchdowns?!  Leave it to Jay Cutler and Josh McCown.  The
Bears offense was nonexistent in the first half, then leaned heavily on Matt
Forte in the second.  The Bucs had three turnovers in the third quarter,
helping Chicago get back into the game, after leading 10-0 at half. The Red
Rocket, Andy Dalton, and THAT DUDE, A.J. Green, had their way with the Texans’
secondary yet Dalton only threw for one TD in the game.  The only thing that
gives me solace after a crazy week is Teddy Bridgewater having more fantasy
points than Aaron Rodgers. #SHWYPN


Isaiah Crowell

Denard Robinson

Shane Vereen

Crowell traveled to his home state of Georgia and ran all over
the Falcons, helping the Browns stay in the playoff hunt with the rest of the
AFC North. Ol’ Shoe Lace…

Could a win on Thanksgiving spark a playoff run for the Chicago Bears?

The Chicago Bears have had a horrendous season, but a win on Thanksgiving Day could turn it around and be the necessary boost for a playoff push.
The Bears are entering the game with a two-game winning streak, while the Lions have dropped their last two. Of course, the Bears haven’t looked great and haven’t beaten teams that are anywhere near as good as Detroit — if you combined the win totals for Minnesota and Tampa Bay it would be one less than Detroit — but the Bears have a chance to turn this season into a success starting with a win in Detroit.
Every bit of evidence we have entering the Thanksgiving showdown suggests that the Lions are the better team. The Bears really shouldn’t have much hope in the game, but football is a weird sport an anyone has a chance on any given Sunday, or Thursday, in this case.
Detroit’s offense isn’t good. If any unit has underachieved more than Chicago’s it’s Detroit’s. The Lions currently rank 28th in scoring at 17.9 points per game. The Bears hav…

Were any Chicago Bears named as Week 12′s biggest heroes or goats?

Twelve weeks into the 2014 NFL season, the league is starting to take shape. It’s easier and easier to see what teams are contenders and which ones are just not ready for primetime.
How did each team get to their current point? In part, it was because of the performance, good or bad, of some key players and coaches. Some helped their team, while others hurt the squad.
Who fell into each category? Here are the “Heroes and Goats” from Week 12:

Blount looked comfy again in New England
LeGarrette Blount – Less than a week after getting released by the Steelers, the once-former Patriot was back in the lineup in New England, filling the void in the backfield caused by the sudden fall from grace of last week’s fantasy football supernova – Jonas Gray. The vagabond running back responded with 78 yards and two touchdowns on just 12 carries, proving that he’s most at home in the Patriots backfield.

Stanton wasn’t ready for the big time
Drew Stanton – The Cardinals trave…

Chicago Bears climbing up Power Rankings after huge Week 12 win

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means the NFL season is approaching the final stretch. With just over a quarter of the season remaining, every game takes on added significance, with postseason implications seemingly involved with every matchup.
In part, that’s because so many teams are still technically “in the hunt.” But reality suggests that not every franchise that is still mathematically alive is actually a contender; in fact, most are pretenders, just waiting to be exposed.
With that as a backdrop, the editors at cover32 gathered to assemble this week’s Power Rankings in an attempt to sort it all out. Here are the results after 12 weeks of the 2014 season:
1. New England Patriots (9-2) – The Patriots are absolutely rolling at the moment, disposing of playoff-caliber teams on a weekly basis. At this point, the only concern in New England is whether or not they are peaking too early. (LW: 1)
2. Green Bay Packers (8-3) – For as ugly as it might have been, the Packers beat a divi…

Chicago Bears Keep Slim Playoff Hopes Alive

The Chicago Bears were able to do what they were suppose to on Sunday and beat a very bad Buccaneer’s team. It wasn’t exactly impressive but a win is a win and this team will take it at this point in the season. At 5-6, the Bears’ will have a Thanksgiving Day match-up at Ford Field against the Lions. The Lions (7-4) are coming off a bad loss against New England and currently are on a two game skid. With the Bears needing to win out to even have a chance at the playoffs, they might of caught the Lions’ at the right time as Matthew Stafford and the offense haven’t been as sharp as they were earlier in the season.
The Bears who are on a current two game winning streak themselves can really make their season more interesting with a win Thursday but they will have to put together one of their best games of the year. They beat a bad Vikings and Buccaneer’s team the past two weeks but both teams had a chance to tie the game late on their final drive. Here are some things too look for in Thursday’s game

Charles Tillman Gives Free Bears Tickets to Veterans

Charles Tillman of the Chicago Bears continued his generous acts this past weekend by giving away free tickets to veterans.
Last year, the two-time Pro Bowler was awarded the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. In 2011, Tillman was awarded the NFL Salute to Service Award. Not only has Tillman been an exceptional football player during his tenure in Chicago, but his off the field work is even more impressive.
This past Sunday before the Bears took on the Bucs at home, Tillman went to Twitter to offer free tickets to veterans.
I have 2 tickets for a military vet… Send pics… You have 2 be able to get 2 the Bears vs Bucs @ noon today!
— Charles Tillman (@peanuttillman) November 23, 2014

“@TheFantaClaus: @peanuttillman marine corps military police 99-03” Thank u for ur service… Enjoy the game — Charles Tillman (@peanuttillman) November 23, 2014

“@El_Rey_SLB_82: @peanuttillman BEAR DOWN!!!” We had 2 more! Thanks for ur service! Enjoy the gam

Tampa paper wants the Bears to take Josh McCown back

Yesterday’s Tampa Bay/Chicago match up had an interesting story line as head coach Lovie Smith and quarterback Josh McCown went up against their former team. After the first half, it looked like the Bucs might actually upset the Bears, but after halftime it was like a different Chicago team came out of the locker room, and Tampa Bay ultimately lost, 21-13. McCown threw two interceptions and fumbled once and generally did not play well. Which led to this proposition:

Hey Tampa Bay Times, Chicago says no thanks. (h/t @FRONCZAK68)
— Matt Spiegel (@MattSpiegel670) November 24, 2014

Just like Canada won’t take Justin Bieber back, Chicago is likely going to pass on McCown. For all those complaining about Jay Cutler, yesterday is a great reminder to Bears fans of what they could have ended up with. The grass is always greener, people.
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