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Mike Ditka rips the Bears defense

The Chicago Bears have been one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this season, and Mike Ditka is the latest to weigh in on their struggles. Da Coach, who led Da Bears to the NFC Championship Game three times and won Super Bowl XX, is nothing short of disgusted with the defense on this…Read More

State Farm has hilarious response to recent NFL injuries

Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston and Detroit Lions linebacker Stephan Tulloch both fell victim to ACL tears after celebrating sacks this season. What does this have to do with the insurance company State Farm? Both were mocking Aaron Rodgers’ “discount double check” advertisement for the company. A State Farm spokeswoman had this to say to the Wall Street Journal about the recent injuries. 
It’s very unfortunate that these players injured themselves while celebrating, but it is our belief that the Discount Double Check is not inherently dangerous. In fact, it can be used to help you save money on insurance when performed correctly. We encourage all athletes to celebrate responsibly.
This is awesome on so many levels. Maybe State Farm should reach out to both Houston and Tulloch about providing them some insurance moving forward. Photo: Fox Sports. The post State Farm has Hilarious Response to Recent NFL Injuries appeared first on

Chicago Bears fans will love new list ripping everything about rivals as overhyped

Yawn. That’s how the sports world collectively responded to Tuesday’s trade deadline in the NFL, a much-anticipated day that wound up generating less than Al Capone’s vault. Aside from a couple of transactions made by the lowly Buccaneers, involving a couple of players that most people had never heard of, the deadline came and went without anyone noticing.
Given the hype that surrounds the NFL nowadays, where everything that happens in the league is trumpeted like it’s headline news, the trade deadline being much ado about nothing isn’t exactly shocking; it’s to be expected. But it’s also not the only thing that gets more attention than it rightfully deserves.
The league is filled with overhyped things, people, events, etc. From coast to coast, there are aspects of the NFL that garner way more interest than they deserve.
Who and what makes that list? Here are 10 things more overhyped than the NFL trade deadline:
10. Jerry’s World
It’s a stadium, not a UFO
Yes, AT&T Stadium i…

Chicago Bears: Phil Emery Insists Money Won’t Deter Cutler Decision

Phil Emery didn’t mince words when he said the Chicago Bears were a 3-5 team with a 3-5 quarterback.  He understands better than people realize.  After all, he and head coach Marc Trestman were the ones who agreed to make Jay Cutler their guy by handing him a new contract worth upwards of $126 million.  They did it in good confidence that Trestman’s coaching ability could finally get the enigmatic quarterback to play more consistently than he has most of his career.  Thus far the results are as expected. Cutler has put up good offensive numbers, but the turnovers remain a crippling problem for the offense.
“There’s a lot of things he’s got to get better at. There are a lot of things we’ve got to get better at. In terms of protecting the ball, in the fumbles, he had one against San Francisco [in Week 2], had one this past week and had one the previous week against Miami. Some of them are just situations, a guy coming from the blind side. But obviously, you have to keep the ball up and away. Weâ

Chicago Bears Jay Cutler’s mid-way, surprising QB ranking unveiled

Every week, from now through the Wednesday before the Super Bowl, the editors at cover32 will gather to rank the NFL’s 32 starting quarterbacks. Depending on what’s happened the previous week, some will rise and some will fall, and even some of the names on the list will change. It’s a never-ending evolution, as the status of the league’s top signal callers is always in flux.
Eight weeks into the 2014 season, here’s how the starting quarterbacks in the NFL shake out:

1. Peyton Manning – He put up mind-boggling numbers and wins games; there’s nothing more anyone could want from their quarterback. (LW: 1)
2. Aaron Rodgers - Up until he pulled his hamstring, Rodgers was going toe to toe with Drew Brees in the Superdome. Relax, people; it’s one loss. (LW: 2)
3. Tom Brady – During the past four weeks, Brady has proven that he’s still among the best quarterbacks in the NFL. (LW: 6)
4. Drew Brees - With Jimmy Graham getting healthier and Brandin Cooks turning into a player, Brees finally …

A List of 2015 NFL Free Agents The Chicago Bears Will Be Looking Into

The Chicago Bears (3-5) find themselves with similar needs as last season, how can they use 2015 free agency to address them?
Nobody knows what Chicago will target in the draft and what they will explore in free agency just yet… but it’s fun to speculate.
Here is a list of players the Chicago Bears should be looking very closely at for next season.
Ndamukong Suh

Position: DT
Contract Status: 2015 UFA
2014 Cap Hit: $22,412,500
Age: 27
Notes: This would be an amazing addition to the Bears’ defense, but he could price himself out of Chicago’s range. He received $23,250,000 guaranteed from the Lions in 2010, the Bears gave Jared Allen $15.5 last season.

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William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry Fighting To Keep His Home

One of the stars of the 1985 Chicago Bears Super Bowl Championship team may lose his home. William Perry lives quite an estranged life now according to a report by the Charlotte Observer.
Cannot Pay His Taxes
The report indicates that Perry is about to lose his home in South Carolina, but it’s already been taken over by burglary and vandalism. “They’ve kicked the door in so many times it’s not funny,” Willie Perry said.

According to Perry’s brother Michael, his “Guardian and Conservator,” he is currently confined to his late father’s home. A legal fight with his brother and ex-wife, who he apparently signed the home over too, is preventing him from being able to pay taxes on the house.
The house is expected to go to auction on November 5th at 5pm unless Perry pays $26,000 in taxes before then.
Willie Perry sees it as family frustration.
“I wouldn’t say a lot of confusion,” Willie Perry said, ”Probably more of a lot of disappointment.”
Concern Is In Order
Considering Mr. Perry is

Does Bears quarterback Jay Cutler have the most powerful arm in the NFC North?

If you ever find yourself wondering where all the great gunslinger quarterbacks have gone, the answer is the NFC North division, which features three of the best in the game.
Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is the best player at the position, Matt Stafford has a ridiculous cannon for a right arm, and Jay Cutler can get it down the field with the best of them. There’s also the rookie Teddy Bridgewater, who has been known to air it out a bit occasionally himself:

We can reasonable say that Rodgers is the best all-around quarterback in the division, but which one of them has the most powerful arm? Let’s vote.
Here are your candidates:
Jay Cutler – Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler smiles and wears a pom pom hat.

That’s not the narrative, Jay.

#bears | @briancassella photo
— Amanda Kaschube (@amandakaschube) October 26, 2014

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Chicago billboard zings Lamarr Houston over injury

Chicago Bears defensive end Lamarr Houston arguably deserves all the mock and ridicule coming his way over how he suffered a knee injury on Sunday while celebrating a play during the team’s 51-23 loss to the New England Patriots. Houston suffered a ruptured his right ACL during the celebration, ending his season. If it wasn’t…Read More
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Bears GM sounds like he is giving up on Jay Cutler

Bears General Manager Phil Emery defended Jay Cutler as a “winning quarterback” during an online Q&A last week but this week he changed the script. This came after Cutler turned the ball over twice against New England and has turned the ball over multiple times in each of Chicago’s losses this season, which isn’t enough for Emery […]
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4 Disappointing Chicago Bears Seasons

We know that this 2014 Chicago Bears season has been a disappointing one. Being 3-5 going into the bye week was something that certainly wasn’t expected this season. But it’s happening and it made me wonder what were some of the other most disappointing seasons in Chicago Bears history? What seasons were the Bears expected to be a great team and they just never lived up to the hype?

After appearing in the SuperBowl the previous year and losing to the Colts, the Bears were expected to be just as good, if not better, for 2007. The defense was still as good as it’s ever been, but the offense just never got going. They finished 7-9 and didn’t start off too well losing to Detroit and Dallas in blowout fashion. And guess what? That Bears team was also 3-5 entering the bye.

After winning SuperBowl XX against the Patriots, the Bears looked to repeat. And what was standing in their way? They had most of the same pieces, and a lethal defense and running game. They finished the season only losing two

Bears GM sounds off after blowout loss

Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery has to be disappointed at the team’s 3-5 start to the season. And following a humiliating 51-23 loss to the New England Patriots on Sunday, Emery had some interesting things to say about Jay Cutler and the rest of the team (via
We’re a 3-5 team and he’s a 3-5 quarterback right now. We still have some things we have to clean up. Jay, like a lot of players in that position, has a little bit a gunslinger personality, in terms of, ‘I wanna be the guy to make the plays.’ He trusts his arm. Those are habits. Habits are hard to improve.
If the Bears are a 3-5 team and he’s (Cutler) is a 3-5 quarterback, doesn’t that also make Emery a 3-5 general manager? After all, he is the one who signed the veteran signal caller to a contract that included $54 million guaranteed this past offseason. Things just aren’t going too swimmingly for a team that started the season with playoff aspirations but sit three game behind the division-leading Detroit Lions head

Lamarr Houston tore ACL celebrating sack, out for year

Multiple reports have confirmed that Bears DE Lamarr Houston does in fact have a torn ACL and will miss the remainder of the 2014 season. Houston injured himself while celebrating a sack late into Sunday’s blowout loss to the Patriots. The injury was very similar to the season-ending knee injury Lions LB Stephen Tulloch suffered while celebrating a sack of Aaron Rodgers a few weeks ago. Houston, 27, signed a five-year, $35 million contract that includes $15 million guaranteed with the Bears back in March. He’s under team control through the 2018 season. Coming into Sunday’s game, Houston had recorded seven tackles, one fumble recovery and a pass defense over the course of seven games. Pro Football Focus has him rated as the No. 13 defensive end in a 4-3 defense. The post Bears Lose DE Lamarr Houston For The Season With Torn ACL appeared first on NFL Trade Rumors -.

The Chicago Bears Face Questions Heading Into Bye Week

After a solid trouncing that saw Lamarr Houston possibly suffer a season-ending injury, the Chicago Bears are a team heading south fast. The good news is, the Bears are heading into a bye week. While the first priority should be reloading and recharging, the Bears also have some personnel issues in the locker room. A possible disconnect between Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler could ultimately spell doom for the Bears.
Should the Bears Part Ways With Mel Tucker?
Mel Tucker has not been particularly popular in his time with the Bears, and after the worst defensive 1st half in Bears history, his time might be up. Now facing a bye week, the Bears could make a switch, and get ready for the November 9th matchup against Green Bay. Of course, it remains to be seen who would then take over, but the calls for Tucker’s job will only grow louder. Firing Tucker would effectively make him the scapegoat for the Bears defensive woes. However, not all of it has been Tucker’s fault. While the defensive line as been reloade

WATCH: Lamarr Houston hurt celebrating sack down 25 points

What is wrong with Bears? The score wasn’t even that close, why are you celebrating sacking the backup QB like you just won the Super Bowl? I hope the injury isn’t season ending, but this says a lot about the mentality of the Bears right now and it isn’t good. Houston had to be carted off the field.