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Jay Cutler Grants Kid’s Wish

Jay Cutler, who is often criticized on the field for his poor decisions and his attitude continues to show that the bashing will not bring down his character off the field. Cutler got to meet Sam Mitchaner last week and it was something neither of them will ever forget. The Chicago Bears teamed up with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and granted the 10-year-old’s wish of meeting Jay.
Not only did Sam get to meet Jay but also signed a one day contract with the team, got plenty of autographs, gifts, and even got to play football with his dad on the field. Sam also got to attend the game against the Miami Dolphins and sit on the sideline. Be careful of the video below, it may give you a few tears. Sam is such a happy kid, and it shows that nothing will bring him down no matter how hard life gets.

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Chicago Bears: Keys To Beating The New England Patriots

All the yelling and whining aside, the only thing that matters for the Chicago Bears now is finding a way to beat the New England Patriots.  Here are three keys they must remember if they want to pull that off.
Run The Ball 30 Times
This is going to sound sacrilegious to a team like the Bears, who have professed under Marc Trestman that they are a throw-first offense.  That being said, they’re 3-4 and even Trestman himself has admitted recently the team needs to get back to running the football more.  The timing couldn’t be better.
As well-coached and crafty as the New England Patriots defense can be under Bill Belichick, it’s still got one fatal flaw.  They suck against the run.  Through seven weeks they’ve given up 126 yards per game, good for 24th in the NFL.  The puzzling thing is teams haven’t really tried to exploit it.  Only two gave it an honest effort.  Both Miami and Kansas City ran the ball in excess of 30 times in their games against the Patriots.  Is it any coincidence that tho

Bears Deny Reports Of Tension Between Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall

One thing almost nobody disputes: The Chicago Bears’ locker room got rowdy after the team suffered a 27-14 loss to the Miami Dolphins.
But the extent of the ruckus — and whether it’s an indication of deeper problems within the team — is being disputed by the Bears themselves.
Brandon Marshall reportedly blamed the loss on quarterback Jay Cutler, leading to rumors of a rift between the two Pro Bowlers. Bears head coach Marc Trestman disputed those reports, though he claimed that he didn’t hear everything that was said.
“What I understood happened after the game was players expressing themselves in different ways, at their disappointment in the loss,” Trestman said, via “I’ll leave it at that. That’s really ultimately what happened, and I don’t think it’s anything more than that. In my experience, people get it out of their system. I’ve heard players express themselves dramatically in wins, too, that they were angry we didn’t win the right way or that we weren’t as good

Fan in critical condition after being beaten before Bears game

This is becoming far too prevalent around the National Football League. In the latest incident of a fan being injured during a fight at a NFL game, a 57-year-old man is in critical condition after he was beaten up during a tailgating party prior to the Chicago Bears home game on Sunday. As Jordan Owen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports, the man was found “incapacitated” near his SUV in the stadium’s parking lot. He had head injuries and was transported Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he is in critical condition. The report also indicates that the victim was “heavily intoxicated.” This is just the latest incident in a long line of fan fights around the NFL this season. Earlier this month, two San Francisco 49ers fans were arrested after an incident at Levi’s Stadium prior to their game against the Kansas City. We have seen similar situations in Arizona and Philadelphia this season. As the NFL continues to make a point of attempting to make the fan experience better, these situations are see

Chicago Bears Planning To Rein In Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler has become a constant lightning rod for criticism as to why the Chicago Bears offense is struggling.  Marc Trestman may have an answer.  Surprisingly it has nothing to do with his mechanics, his attitude or his decision-making on several of his passes.  Trestman believes much of the struggles originate from Cutler’s call from the line of scrimmage.
Against the Miami Dolphins, the Bears were completely inert in the first half, and the reason wasn’t hard to see.  Pro Bowl running back Matt Forte ran the ball twice.  Two times in 30 minutes.  Trestman says that was not the plan at all.  In fact the Bears called for at least six runs early but four of them were changed into passes by Cutler, who finished with just 190 yards despite throwing the ball 34 times.  At halftime the coaching staff decided on a change, namely by taking away Jay’s ability to audible.
“We took some of the options off, and we handed the football off.  And we got more of what we would expect out of our offense —

Chicago Bears; the good, the bad and the ugly

Believe it or not, the Chicago Bears had some good in Sunday’s loss to the Miami Dolphins. The problem is that there was some bad–then there was ugly.
The Good
If you are a fan of punting, then Sunday’s game was right up your alley. Rookie punter Pat O’Donnell, also known as “Mega-punt,” had the highest gross average by a Bears punter in a game since Todd Sauerbrun back in 1997. O’Donnell averaged 53 yards per punt with a net average of 45.7. O’Donnell has improved the Bears punt game vastly after Adam Podlesh struggled last year and seems to have clicked the past couple of weeks.
Another good from Sunday was the emergence of Jeremiah Ratliff. Ratliff had missed the past three games due to a concussion but came out on Sunday and finished the game with 3.5 sacks. Ratliff may be finding a groove that the NFL hasn’t seen from him after he tore his groin with the Dallas Cowboys two years ago. The Bears defensive tackle showed that he still can get the job done at a high level and the Bears hope

Chicago Bears Locker Room Drama Overblown

Charles Tillman has been with the Chicago Bears a long time, so he knows what good and bad situations look like in a locker room.  He was present last Sunday after his team fell 27-14 to the Miami Dolphins at home, their third-straight home loss of the 2014 season.  According to various reports, wide receiver Brandon Marshall was heard yelling at teammates, and at one point may have called out quarterback Jay Cutler.  The atmosphere was quite heated, leading many to believe it’s a sign of friction in the Bears’ ranks.
Tillman disagrees.
“I don’t think they’re feeling the heat, they just know they can do better or be better on the field and be more productive. They’re frustrated. That’s all it is. When you work at something and you don’t attain that goal, there is frustration. I think that’s normal and it is for anybody. You ever write a story and you just couldn’t quite get it? You get frustrated? And you vent, you talk out loud to yourself.”
One can understand that feeling.  The Chi

VIDEO: Cameron Wake throws Chicago Bears tackle Jordan Mills like a rag doll

There were a lot of plays from yesterday’s game that Chicago Bears fans will want erased from their memory, but this one is probably the worst.
In this video, Miami Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake throws a Bears lineman like a rag doll and then lays a mean hit on quarterback Jay Cutler just after he releases the pass:

For the record, the guy that Wake tossed around was right tackle Jordan Mills, who weighs 315 pounds.
Unacceptable. Do you even lift, bruh?
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Jay Cutler Bails On Media Appearance

Jay Cutler joins Waddle and Silvy every Monday afternoon on AM 1000. This weeks show was supposed to be at The Cubby Bear in Wrigleyville. The guys had a great show last week with Jay and his wife, Kristin coming off a big win against the Atlanta Falcons. Unfortunately this week will not be the same as Jay Cutler did not attend. 
Bears QB Jay Cutler this morning informed @ESPN1000 he would not appear on his reguarly scheduled radio show today at 2 p.m.
— Rich Campbell (@Rich_Campbell) October 20, 2014

.@ESPN1000 Program Director Adam Delevitt said Bears QB Jay Cutler gave no reason for cancelling his regularly scheduled appearance today. — Rich Campbell (@Rich_Campbell) October 20, 2014

Jay seems to be sour after the loss to the Miami Dolphins this past Sunday. Tensions have been flying and rumors are swirling but it is pretty clear that something is going on among the Chicago Bears players as Jay will not be attending the show today. Cutler already has a larger number of fans that are not on the “

Former Chicago Bears Legend Blasts Shea McClellin

Shea McClellin has gotten a lot of criticism in Chicago since being selected #19 overall in 2012, but this could be the worst thing said yet.
Ripped By Dan Hampton
After the most recent loss to the Miami Dolphins, former Chicago Bears great Dan Hampton voiced his opinion on the third year linebacker…. and it wasn’t pretty.
Dan Hampton on Shea McClellin: “He deserves to be a starter as much as my 11-year-old kid does.” #Bears @gamechicago
— Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) October 20, 2014

Hampton is a Super Bowl Champion, four-time Pro Bowl selection and four-time All-Pro, safe to say he knows a little something about playing defense in the NFL.
Bad vs. Miami
In the game versus Miami, McClellin had two tackles, one pass deflection and fell down on a touchdown pass when attempting to defend Charles Clay from the Dolphins (pic above). Pro Football Focus rated him at a -1.6 for the game, a -2.8 in pass coverage. McClellin, in three games, has ratings of -0.8, 0.3 and -1.6 … he has not played well at all.

Chicago Bears: Kyle Long Needs To Get A Clue

It’s understandable that a player like Kyle Long doesn’t like being booed by Chicago Bears fans.  He’s an emotional and fiery guy.  Is he also clueless?  One thing that all athletes who play in this city eventually learn is that its fans have little tolerance of underachievers.  Losing is one thing.  Sometimes that can be due to any number of reasons from bad luck to a simple lack of talent.  Chicago fans are smart enough to understand and accept that.  What they cannot stand is a team that isn’t playing as well as it should.
To be fair, Kyle Long was asked if players were “upset” by the fans booing. This was his full response:
— Adam Hoge (@AdamHoge) October 19, 2014

This Bears squad has talent.  More than a lot of teams in the NFL.  They are plenty good enough to beat almost anybody they face, yet they continue to stumble and bumble their way through the schedule.  Why is that?  They play undisciplined and often uninspired football.  That may not be true

Chicago Bears Feeling Full Effect Of The Jared Allen Curse

Some curses are big.  Some are small.  Some are loud.  Some are quiet.  For the Chicago Bears they seemed to have inherited a powerful one from Jared Allen.  They signed the All-Pro defensive end to provide pass rush for the new defense Mel Tucker was rebuilding.  That part of the job he has done thus far.  He was also to help with leadership and direction for the young players like Ego Ferguson, Willie Young and Will Sutton.  That too he has fulfilled.  In return he asked for one simple thing.  He wanted to experience victory in the city of Chicago.
“In six years I’ve never won a game at Soldier Field. I’m excited to win a game here this year.”
Well, based on the recent trend of things he may have to wait another year.  Allen joined the Minnesota Vikings in 2008.  That means he lost six games at Soldier Field over that span.  Thus far in 2014, the Bears are 0-3 at home, which means Allen is 0-9.  Obviously superstition is a part of pro sports but this is starting to get a little spooky.

Chicago Bears prove to be the most inconsistent team in the NFL

Costly turnovers continue to plague the Chicago Bears as they fell 27-14 at home to the Miami Dolphins Sunday.
The Bears gave the football away three times to a Miami defense that had only accumulated five takeaways preceding Sunday, resulting in 10 points. Chicago’s signal caller Jay Cutler was responsible for two of the turnovers throwing an interception in the second quarter and fumbling the football in the third quarter forced by Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake.
Now possessing a 3-4 record on the season and still winless at home through three games, Chicago plummets further behind Detroit and Green Bay in the NFC North.
Miami quarterback Ryan Tannehill had a field day against the depleted Bears secondary that saw their promising rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller exit the game with a hip injury in the third quarter.
Tannehill connected on 25-of-32 for 277 yards and passed for two touchdowns. Most importantly, Tannehill and the Dolphins offense did not turn the football over.
As for Cutler, turnovers

Video: Kyle Long calls out Bears fans, says booing team is ‘unacceptable’

The Chicago Bears played arguably their worst game of the season in suffering a 27-14 loss at Soldier Field to the Miami Dolphins. And things reportedly got ugly after the game. Brandon Marshall had some words for Jay Cutler, and Kyle Long called out Bears fans for how they reacted to the home loss.
Things got ugly in the Bears locker room. Players were yelling and pulled apart. Brandon Marshall ranted and Kyle Long ripped the fans. — Chris Emma (@CEmma670) October 19, 2014
Long said booing the team after being down by only two possessions heading into the locker room (at halftime) is “unacceptable.” The offensive lineman also made a point to say the fans were “not making a lot of noise on third down.” He later clarified what he said to reporters, but didn’t…

Kyle Long Rips Bears Fans

After the Bears were dealt a tough 27-14 loss to the Dolphins, Bears fans booed the team as they walked off the field down 14-0 at halftime. Offensive lineman, Kyle Long, was disappointed.
During a post game interview, Kyle Long made a statement about the team being booed off the field at halftime. He said the booing was “unacceptable” and fans have not been making enough noise on third down.

Wasn’t just running around blaming the fans. I was asked about it and I said what I said. I wish we were making great plays all the time too
— Kyle Long (@Ky1eLong) October 19, 2014

Bear’s Fans Response
Through Twitter, Bears fans responded to Long’s statement and expressed their frustration with the Bears who currently sit at 3-4.
If only Bears fans hadn’t turned the ball over three times. Or if only the fans had been able to stop a read option. Right @Ky1eLong ??
— Dan Monico (@MonicoDan) October 19, 2014

@Ky1eLong I spent my whole paycheck watching this highschool team get embaresse