August 9, 2011

NFL Rumors: Sending Tim Tebow Down Depth Chart Bad Move for Broncos

There’s an argument to be made that Brady Quinn would be a better backup quarterback right now than Denver’s pride and joy, Tim Tebow.

But if the Broncos drop Tebow down to No. 3 on the depth chart, it’s likely going to hurt them in the long run.

If you haven’t heard, Mike Klis of the Denver Post recently wrote that Tebow and Quinn were locked in a battle at training camp for the No. 2 spot behind starter Kyle Orton. Given Quinn is older and more experienced, it would make sense for him to backup Orton.

But dropping Tebow down in the depth chart, after a year of waiting in the wings, could seriously hurt Tebow’s confidence, and if he really is the one for the Broncos, it’s not going to make his transition to starter any easier.

This is, after all, one of the greatest college football players in history, a man with great pride and plenty of popularity to go with it. You make him the No. 3 QB, it’s basically telling him he’s not good enough to play in the NFL. That’s not the right message to send to a player you’re trying to develop for stardom.

Let’s face it, the Broncos aren’t going to be good enough this season with Orton, let alone Quinn. If the Broncos send Quinn in to back up Orton at one point, they’re hurting Tebow’s pride more than they’re helping their team win.

I already think they’ve blundered by not trading Orton, a veteran who could have given them something nice in return.

But the great organizations know there is more involved on a football field than X’s and O’s. Football is a team game where collective chemistry is vital. You send Tebow down to the bottom of the scrap heap, you run the risk of alienating not only Tebow, but his teammates, as well.

It may seem that it doesn’t matter whether Tebow is No. 2 or No. 3 because he’s still a backup, but most players will tell you it means a great deal.

It’s about pride.

The Broncos won’t have much if they lose Tebow mentally.

-Ryan Rudnansky

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