August 2, 2011

NFL Rumors: Kyle Orton Shuts Down Any Hope for Tebow Time in Denver

The Denver Broncos are in the middle of a heated competition between two of their quarterbacks. The only thing is that it is not for the starting position.

Kyle Orton will take the bulk of the snaps. It is an odd notion when just two weeks ago we were confidant that Tim Tebow would get the nod to take the Broncos into 2011.

The current NFL free agency period proves to be a volatile landscape where fortunes can change within the hour. Orton was well on his way to the Dolphins when the deal crumbled, making him alpha dog among the three quarterbacks.

Mike Klis of The Denver Post pens what can only be seen as Tim Tebow’s obituary on the starting job. He writes the following.

Based on the way the reps were divided during the Broncos’ full-pad practice Monday, Kyle Orton is the Broncos’ No. 1 quarterback free and clear. There was no mixing in the other quarterbacks with the first-team offense. Orton took them all.

Last week, Klis observed that Orton looked much more polished than Tebow at practice. Leading many, including myself to lose hope that Tebow would start.

Now we can all close the book on Tebow as a future star. By the second year, you can usually see signs that a player is ready to take the next step and emerge as not just a starter, but also a star player in the NFL.

So far, Tebow has been more of the same, a nice player that can’t quite get the poise and pace it takes to command an NFL huddle.

The Broncos very nearly sent off a much more accomplished arm just to give Tebow a shot. They have nothing to gain by starting Orton if he was not the clearly better passer.

It comes as great news that the Broncos held onto a gifted player in Orton, but horrible news if your name happens to be Tim Tebow.

—Gabe Zaldivar

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